Become a Property Guardian

Join the growing population of working professionals taking advantage of property guardianship to save money on their living space whilst performing the valuable service of protecting empty buildings.

At Global Guardians we apply a 'Guardian First' ethos throughout all of our processes and procedures. We have helped thousands of people in the UK to save up for mortgages, holidays, vehicles and have enough disposable income to live on and enjoy their lives rather than spending the majority of their income on their living space. We have been involved in the development of British Standard 8584:2015 Vacant Property Protection Regulation, as well as campaigning for a better standard of living for all property guardians in UK. Our property guardians are all very important to us and we care about every one of them. Sign up today and start saving for your future!

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Head Guardian

As a property guardian, you will experience many advantages as opposed to being a tenant with a letting agent:

  • Large savings on your living costs
  • Restoring an empty building into use is a meaningful thing to do
  • Flexible living arrangements requiring just 28 days' notice to leave
  • Interesting properties to secure
  • Variety of locations
  • Part of a growing property guardian community

It's a great opportunity to save money which can be put towards a mortgage, holidays, vehicles, weddings or anything that you might have always wanted but never had the funds to do.

As our property guardians can testify, they have made numerous friends whilst being a property guardian and some have even found the love of their life.

It is a highly advantageous situation to be in so why not try the experience today?

Property Guardian's Rights

As a guardian you have the right to:

  1.  28 days notice
  2.  Non exclusivity to your room
  3.  Use communal space
  4.  Raise a maintenance ticket
  5.  Utilise my-globe and store documentation
  6.  Give your notice to quit at anytime
  7.  Receive priority treatment when you are looking to move in to another property
  8.  Refer your friends
  9.  A fire health and safety pack
  10.  Adequate living conditions

There are many perks as well as rights to being a Guardian with Global Guardians.

Please note that you do not have the right to:

  1. Bring children on to the premises at anytime
  2. Have pets in the property
  3. Exclusive possession of the property
  4. Tenancy rights
  5. Make structural changes

There are many rules and regulation in regards to the Global Guardians licence agreement, if you would like to find out more please contact 0203 818 9100.

Legal Obligations

We ensure that all of our property guardians understand the terms and conditions of the legal contract that they sign with us. Unlike a tenancy agreement, our guardian licence is a non-exclusive temporary contract to share and protect the living space of the property.

This means that when our contract with a property owner is terminated for a specific property, our licence agreement with our property guardian is automatically terminated.

This does not mean that we will move our property guardians out immediately. However, it does mean that at this point we will serve notice to quit under the property guardian's licence agreement with us. This gives our property guardians four weeks' notice to vacate the premises, under the Protection of Eviction Act 1977. Due to the nature of our business we try to relocate as many of our property guardians as possible in available living space across our portfolio but we do not guarantee 100% retention.

During our induction process our professional staff members will talk new property guardians through the key points of the licence agreement to ensure that this is the right decision for them.

In order to avoid any misunderstandings, we actively request that all potential property guardians read the terms and conditions of the licence agreement before signing. We also encourage current property guardians to refresh their knowledge of the licence agreement that they have signed to fully appreciate their legal obligations.

Voluntary Work

Global Guardians is looking to increase the amount of voluntary work that our property guardians carry out for the local communities in which they live. In this way, we go that extra mile to ensure that the building and the neighbourhood where we are based receives greater benefit from having live-in guardians in their vicinity.

We currently have property guardians in London carrying out voluntary work in areas such as helping older people learn computer skills, cutting back overgrown hedges and vegetation, mowing lawns and working hand-in-hand with local safer neighbourhood teams.

However, as we continue to grow and receive applications from working professionals seeking to be live-in guardians with our organisation, one of the criteria we are looking to increase is the amount of voluntary work that our property guardians carry out for the local community.

If you are looking to become a property guardian with us we do look favourably on people who are willing to do voluntary work.

Here are a few of the organisations we recommend working with:

  • Friendship Works
  • Water Aid
  • V-inspired
  • Volunteering England
  • Age UK

So please do get involved and do voluntary work for your local community as a property guardian with Global Guardians.

Head Guardian

Head Guardians

We are always searching for property guardians who go above and beyond to protect the living space and the property as a whole. Working professionals who have been property guardians with us for a longer period of time can become head guardians. A head guardian is a property guardian who assists with the creation of a cleaning rota for the living space, provides access when required and is our eyes and ears at the property on a 24/7 basis as they live on the premises.

How to become a Guardian

1. Sign Up
2. Available Spaces
3. Book/Attend Viewing
4. Selection/Vetting
5. You are a Property Guardian