How it works

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How it works

As Property Guardianship is focussed on the security and protection of vacant property, it is essential that our Guardian selection and management processes adhere to our quality management system, which is externally audited.

If you would like to take advantage of the social and financial benefits that being a Global Guardian has to offer, and are thinking about applying for a property with us, here is what you need to know about the process, from start to finish.

How it works
  1. Property Preparation

    A full health and safety inspection is completed by Global Guardians prior to any Guardian occupation. Any remedial works that need to be completed in order for the property to be in line with Statutory and Regulatory Compliance are carried out by our accredited contractors. The property is made clean and habitable for occupation including the installation of white goods in large commercial properties.

  2. Guardian Selection

    Guardian applicants register with us and then review our list of available spaces. Once they have selected a property that meets their requirements they are invited to view the property before being vetted using our Ideal Guardian Assessment. If an applicant passes the vetting process they are assigned to the property of their choice and are encouraged to move in within 5 days.

  3. Guardian and Property Management

    We will conduct monthly checks to ensure that the living space is maintained in good order, and that all Health and Safety requirements are in line with current Regulations. Our Guardians will receive monthly calls from us to ensure they have no issues or concerns. They will have access to our My Globe, system to raise any maintenance tickets. Guardians may choose a property with shared facilities meaning they will all have joint responsibility for maintaining the space.

  4. Returning of Property

    When the owner of the property requires us to relinquish our management, we will serve our Property Guardians 28 days’ notice, in accordance with the Protection from Eviction Act 1977. Within this 28-day period, we will prioritise our Property Guardians for other living spaces, in order to provide them with alternative accommodation to move into once their notice period comes to an end.

A Property Guardian applicant must be:

  • 21 years of age or over.
  • In full-time employment, or self-employed, earning £18k or more annually.
  • Without dependants with whom they wish to reside (children or pets).
  • Reliable and trustworthy.
  • Happy to live the flexible lifestyle of a Property Guardian.
  • Willing to protect the property they live in.
  • Willing to adhere to the terms of their Licence Agreement.

Documents required to be submitted for vetting are:

  • Proof of UK residency.
  • Bank statements for the past three months from a UK Current Account.
  • Reference from current employer, in writing (current customer reference if self-employed).
  • Payslips from current employment for the past three months (three recent invoices if self-employed).

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