Property Guardian Solutions

Innovative property guardianship solutions to fully secure your property.

Property Guardian Solutions

Global Guardians provides an innovative solution to the problems associated with vacant properties through what we call our 'Property Guardian Solution'. Our mission is to protect and preserve the substantial investment our clients have made in their properties until they are brought back into use, sold or demolished.

In order to do this, we carefully vet and select our property guardians from a pool of reliable and trustworthy working professionals and we place them into vacant properties for a temporary period of time. We ensure that our guardians are well-managed whilst living in the buildings of vacant property owners and conversely, we ensure that our live-in guardians' needs are met by providing them with well-managed properties.

By using Global Guardians Management's innovative empty building security solution, the owner of a vacant property enters into a signed legal agreement with Global Guardians Management authorising us to provide our security services to protect an owner's vacant building.

To assist Global Guardians Management to provide its services, our associate company, Global 100, grants non-exclusive licences to our live-in guardians to occupy a particular vacant building. Upon termination of the agreement between our company and the void building's owner, the licence between Global 100 and the empty building guardian automatically terminates. This ensures that our property guardians do not obtain any tenancy rights. Our legal contracts are regularly reviewed and updated where necessary to ensure that they always meet with current legislation.

It is not possible to return a property less than four weeks' notice per the Protection of Eviction Act 1977.

Alternative suppliers on the market are endangering your legal status if they claim that they can legally issue a live-in SIA guard or live-in guardian with less than four weeks' notice. Please note: an SIA guard living in your empty property must still adhere to the current legal requirements.

Our guardians help prevent arson, squatting, burst pipes, electrical faults and fly tipping to name but a few of the services we provide.

Unlike traditional vacant property security methods such as static security guards, CCTV, intruder alarms or boarding, our property guardian solution is proactive and preventative, thus reducing a property owner's costs on emergency repairs, as well as demonstrating to would-be criminals that our well-managed properties are in use. We are transparent and open with our clients and always report back any issues or risks of dilapidation and damage in their vacant properties.

Alongside the excellent service we provide, we are also the most cost-effective vacant property protection solution on the market and we completely remove anti-social behaviour that can affect vacant properties. For example, using our Property Guardian Solution can save you up to 100% from the price of a traditional static security guard and up to 100% compared with boarding up your property.

The more traditional methods do not guarantee prevention of illegal occupation from squatters: our service does. Due to our temporary licence agreements that we put in place, even when our guardians are not present in the building, intruders cannot squat our managed buildings.

Our service is highly versatile which means that Global Guardians Management can manage all types of properties: from office buildings to apartments and flats, care homes to schools and pubs to churches, often handing the vacant property back to our clients in a better condition and state of repair than initially, when we first began managing it.

When a client wishes to utilise our services Global Guardians Management arranges for a senior manager to discuss the empty building protection requirements with the client in detail. We listen to our client's requirements, view the vacant property and then submit a fit-for-purpose proposal within 48 hours.

Once our client has made a decision to use our services we are extremely responsive and can begin managing your properties immediately.

We guarantee to beat the price and value of any other vacant property protection service.

Our guardianship scheme details

In summary, our Guardian solution encompasses the following:

  • Weekly management fee from £0 per week
  • Minor maintenance works to ensure your building is safe for occupation
  • Fire Risk Assessment by Fire Safety Professionals
  • Lower Insurance premium
  • Strict vetting and careful selection of our guardians
  • Immediate protection of your vacant property
  • Provision of a full, working key set to your properties
  • Monthly inspections and reports about your property
  • Accurate meter readings
  • Well-managed and trained guardians in situ
  • Single point of contact for personal management service
  • Organisation of any professional repairs, subject to your agreement
  • 24-hour emergency service
  • Return of the property clean, clear and secure at your command
  • 4 weeks' notice to return building as required to meet with legal requirements

We look forward to helping you slash the costs on your vacant property security service today.