Property Guardian Insurance

Global Guardians can help you lower your empty building insurance costs through our unique guardianship scheme

Property Guardian Insurance

Empty buildings, and the attendant risks related to illegal occupation, criminal damage, fire and theft usually attract high insurance premiums, and rarely offer more than FLEA cover.

Insurers generally exclude unoccupied properties from their policies with standard insurance only covering a building that is temporarily vacant during a changeover of tenants or a minor renovation.

Vacant properties left unoccupied for longer require specialist insurance to cover risks arising from leaving a building empty.

Global Guardians property guardian service offers a viable means to minimise void building risk and has consistently resulted in significantly lower building insurance for our clients.

Clients with our All Risks Covered (ARC) service in place do not need to drain down, board up or constantly inspect their buildings for break-ins or water leaks as our property guardians protect the living space of the property.

Insurance companies appreciate that buildings with property guardians in place are more secure than ones using traditional security methods, and Global Guardians are now pleased to offer clients a reduced all-risk void building insurance, which other insurers are unable to match.

Our experienced Client Relations Managers carry out a full security risk assessment of empty buildings and this report is used to highlight vulnerable aspects of the property and the attendant risk controls Global Guardians will place to reduce the likelihood of the risks occurring.

The difference with Global Guardians security risk assessments compared with alternative security risk assessments is that we can reduce risks to empty buildings by nearly 100%!