High-end House Sitters

Temporary and long-term house sitting services

High-end House Sitters

Global Guardians protects empty high-end properties for the owners of vacant properties at a fraction of the cost in comparison to concierge security officers.

If you own an empty high-end property in London, but only visit once or a few times a year, then it would be a good idea to save security costs by using our bespoke house sitting service.

Our long term property guardians become Head Guardians and then have the option of becoming a high-end House Sitter with our company. More responsibilities and more training is taken on by the high-end House Sitters, but in return they receive a very interesting and beautiful property to live in and care for.

This means that all of our high-end House Sitters are expertly trained to look after properties that are more luxurious and are in use for only a few times a year.

So if you are an overseas property owner with a luxury property in London, or if you are based in London and spend a long time overseas whilst your property is sitting empty, then our high-end vacant property House Sitting service is ideal for you.

As part of our luxury house sitting service, we also provide full facilities management for every aspect of your property. Whether that is swimming pool maintenance to complicated boiler system upgrades to fire alarm system servicing to high specification cleaning, we ensure that your property is kept at the high standard you require, all year long.