Empty Building Management

For every building Global Guardians protects, a full management service is provided. Our property management service is designed to meet the requirements of any property, large or small.

Building Management

We work under the principle of "zero grief" management, meaning that we aim to take the daily administration of vacant property management away from the owner, allowing our clients to concentrate on other issues (e.g. planning permission, selling the building, focussing on other properties in their portfolio)

Vacant property management

We ensure that health and safety, environmental and criminal damage issues are managed under strict risk controls.

When we take over the management of your empty property, we ensure that we know everything about the building. This includes the following:

  • A full fire risk assessment undertaken by our sister fire safety company.
  • An asbestos risk assessment and safety plan.
  • Electricity tested to the NICEIC standard.
  • Gas boilers are tested to gas safe standards.
  • We test to ensure the building has a clean water supply.
  • We inspect the buildings under our management on a regular basis, ensuring that the property is safe and secure.

Our in-house direct labour organisation carries out minor maintenance and ground maintenance on a scheduled and reactive basis. Where necessary we utilise approved contractors to carry out specialist work, although we always take care to seek permission from the client before doing so.

We offer free of charge access to the client if they need one of their own contractors or representatives to gain access. We also allow access to estate agents should the sale of the property be imminent.

We provide bespoke monthly or quarterly reporting as part of our building management service.

Our property guardians

Our property guardians are the other key component of our building management service. We do not confer tenancies on our property guardians, meaning that they protect the business on a short-term basis until the future of your building is finalised.

Property guardians protect your building from squatting, anti-social behaviour, theft and vandalism, whilst enjoying the benefits of a temporary, communal living space. We provide facilities for our guardians which are basic but functional. This means that we do not accept guardians with children and families.

We ask our all our guardians to abide by a strict agreement, meaning that our clients' buildings are managed safely and responsibly at all times.

As well as protecting your building, property guardians also provide a cost-effective solution to the expenses which are often spent on an empty property.

Property guardians ensure that a building does not fall into disrepair, which in turn protects the value of your investment.

The presence of a property guardian changes usage of a building from commercial to residential, meaning your property is not liable for business rates.

A Guardian Management service is at the disposal of our clients at all times, with a single point of contact to co-ordinate each task required for the property.

Our building management service is available 24/365 to ensure owners of vacant properties receive an excellent responsive service and our clients know exactly what is going on at the property at any time.