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The most cost-effective and low-risk security solution to protect empty buildings is through the use of property guardians.

Global Guardians offer bespoke, cost-effective, low-risk vacant property security solutions to protect commercial and residential buildings. We take care of vacant properties by placing live-in guardians into the empty space to secure the buildings.

Our solution gives you the advantage of detection through the eyes and ears of guardians living on site, prevention of intrusion and daily monitoring which traditional security try but fail to achieve. In addition, the property guardian solution also reduces antisocial behaviour such as vandalism, theft and arson, as well as guaranteeing protection from squatting. None of which the old methods of vacant property protection can accomplish.

Find out how our bespoke end-to-end solution can work for your vacant building.

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Our safe hands come from passion for city living.

They hold our unique "Guardian-First" approach in delivering our all-inclusive solutions to protecting buildings assets.

Everything we do is backed by our expertise, which keeps us progressive, capable and able to adapt to every challenge in helping grow fair communities and flexible lifestyles with real purpose.

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