Empty Business Rate Reduction

By utilising our property guardian solution, owners of vacant properties are able to make substantial savings on empty building rates. This has meant we have saved over £100,000 for one client on one empty office building alone.

Empty Building Rate Reduction

Once we have been given authorisation from the owner of the empty building to place our live-in guardians in to protect the property, we can carry out the full process of making rate savings for our client.

Due to the temporary nature of our security service, a change of use is not necessary to reduce costly empty building rates. In fact, it is due to the fact that our property guardians are living in the property under a weekly licence agreement, that can be terminated at any time with just four weeks' notice, which means the building is occupied but only temporarily so.

From the moment the property guardians are living in the commercial vacant property until the time the owner requires the building back for its primary use, the empty building rates reduction will be upheld.

Our clients have already experienced this large cost saving without having to go down the traditional route of mothballing the entire property, thus devaluing the building and creating a hub for anti-social behaviour in the local community.

Please note that this service is provided by Global Guardians in conjunction with our property guardian solution and is only possible for commercial empty buildings.