Property Guardians Legal Framework

Kelly Owen Ltd Solicitors

Global Guardians Management ensures all current legislation is met when providing our Guardian Solution to our clients and to our guardian family.

We guarantee the flexibility of the concept of temporary occupation by ensuring that the legal agreement between Global Guardians and the client as well as the legal agreement between Global 100 and our guardians is watertight.

The way the process works is as follows:

The owner of a property enters into a signed legal guardianship agreement with Global Guardians authorising us to provide our services to secure the owner's vacant property. To assist Global Guardians to provide its services, our associate company, Global 100, grants non-exclusive licences to our guardians to occupy a particular property. Upon termination of the agreement between Global Guardians and the owner, the licence between Global 100 and the guardian automatically terminates, which ensures our guardians do not acquire any tenancy rights. Our legal contracts are regularly reviewed and updated where necessary to ensure that they always meet with current legislation. This reliable structure gives both guardians and owners peace of mind about the usage status of the property and the ownership rights.

Complementing the legal framework of our contracts with our clients and guardians is our knowledge and implementation of current standards of environmental health as well as fire safety. We ensure that any property that we take under our management is safe, secure and sterile. A full fire risk assessment is carried out at our cost for the buildings under our management and this is done by a professional BAFE fire safety officer.

Similarly, an environmental health risk assessment is also carried out at our cost by a professional qualified person. Any works needed to be done in conjunction with these risk assessments is agreed upon with our client before we even place a guardian in a vacant property. When our contract with a property owner is terminated for a specific property our license agreement with our guardian is automatically terminated. This does not mean that we will move our guardians out immediately, but it does mean that at this point we will serve notification of termination of the guardian's license agreement with us. This gives our guardians four weeks' notice to vacate the premises, under the Protection of Eviction act 1977.

Only our approved contractors or our client's approved contractors are authorised to carry out any maintenance works in the properties we manage. We do not allow our guardians to put themselves at risk by carrying out works in the buildings themselves. This ensures that we comply with current legislation.

Our clients receive a fully legally compliant security service from Global Guardians when they sign up to our Guardian Solution.

We also adhere to the Bribery Act 2010 and Modern Slavery Act 2015.

As of July 2016, Global Guardians Management are now official members of the Equality Register to state our equality and diversity principles and intentions within the industry.

Counter Terrorism Protective Security Update 1st August 2016