Property Guardian Reviews

Global Guardians has provided living space to be protected by thousands of working people across the UK. We pride ourselves on being a 'Guardian First' organisation and due to this we have received glowing testimonials for the majority of our property guardians. Read their words below.


Again, thank you so much for the hospitality and for all the help and facilities that you have given me.

Ana - E17

I spoke with you last time we tried to fix the plumbing issues, it was all sorted perfectly, seriously thanks a lot for that. These two global maintenance guys found the real problem and manage to unblock it properly. just wanted to thank you personally as you actually have done things for us and that's quite difficult to see in guardianships.

Ricardo - Doddington Grove

With this, I hope you had a Happy Easter and thank you for over a year of a great accommodation. I have been with a few guardianships before Global Guardians you guys are by far the most responsive, easy to contact and transparent. The online platform and My-Globe is second to none of the existing similar providers.

Being a year with Global Guardians meant I was able to save some money and gain some financial stability. I much appreciate the service and I will be an ambassador for Global Guardians.

Ilie Zubascu - Kingston

Thanks for an excellent 3½ years (for Pete anyway) as a guardian. You guys were always helpful and kind and easy to deal with. Better than a landlord in much more expensive places, in fact you gave me the chance to save money for my own flat, for which I will be forever grateful.

Take care all the best

Pete and Izzy - Clapham

Hi Nick,

Just wanted to say thanks for sorting me out.

I enjoyed my stay with Global and would have stayed on but fell in love with the area so decided to stay in the area.

All the best,


It's been almost 3 years since I moved in Farm Lane and you were the one helping me to understand what is global guardian life about. I would like to take this opportunity to say big THANK YOU! Over the last 20 years I've lived in many different places but this guardian experience was one of the best ones I've ever had. The location of place is great, the building itself really cool and the garden is like dream come true. The culture inside the house is wonderful; I met so many lovely people. But I would also like to mention that the help services from you was fantastic as well. I was often surprised by a fast response from your side when something went wrong in the house. People you send are always polite and professional but most of all they more often than not manage to fix the problem immediately. I told many of my friends about Global Guardians and recommended your services to them.

Gaby Boorova - Farm Lane

Street Art

My name is Marc Craig and I moved into our Global Guardian property in Kennington, South London in August 2013 and we have been lucky enough to have been there ever since. Being a Global Guardian has been quite the adventure for many reasons but without doubt the best part of the experience so far has been it's location to Central London and being walking distance from Leake Street near to Waterloo Station. Leake Street was made famous by Banksy in 2008 when he held his Cans festival exhibition there. When that ended Leake Street became a legal space to do graffiti and street art. I had passed it numerous times in my travels going in and out of Central London (like so many other people it would seem) but I had never actually walked through it. I remember the day I did though and it was liking being given the creative jackpot and so started my journey into street art. Now, nearly 5 years later, the location of the Global Guardian building in Kennington has enabled me to build a successful creative career off the work I have done at Leake Street including being in a Guinness Instagram advert, working in collaboration with other established street artists such as Botjoy, Amara Por Dios and Gnasher and decorating the main hall space of The Vaults as part of the Wahaca "Day Of The Dead Festival". It has also meant I can run creative workshops with college students and homeless kids and give the tourists a bit of 15 minutes of fame by literally letting them paint on my mural. It would seem there is a rebel in everyone waiting to be set free. Eventually, like all Global Guardian buildings, our tenure will come to an end but for me this has been the best example of how being a guardian works in that not only do we secure empty buildings in a cost effective way but we also get the chance to indulge a creative career with a rent and location that makes this not only viable but also a reality. From securing this space at Braganza I was able to get the gig to paint at the five star Andaz Hotel next to Liverpool Street Station. I've attached the photo for you to see.

Marc Craig - Braganza - South London

Thank you for your support, I'm delighted I joined My Globe. Your professionalism throughout all the process was outstanding.

Ricardo Di Ceglia - Harecombe Manor

Enfield has always been my hometown so to find out that Global Guardians had a property in the location advertised (Chasewood ave) I jumped at the opportunity and the property was and is high spec. I have enjoyed the diversity and spending time with the other Guardians in the house as well. I try and encourage guardians to speak to each other so when I moved in I started a group chat in WhatsApp this helps everyone to get to know each other a bit better and discuss any issues or useful information that others like to share. I enjoy the company of other Guardians which is why I do this and my door is always open for anyone in the house to have a chat as I think communication is so very important when sharing with other guardians. I enjoy Guardian life and the support we get from Global Guardians, no job to big or too small. Thank you all at Global Guardians for your continued support. I look forward too many years with you.

Karl Johnson - Chasewood Avenue - Enfield

I have made good experiences with Global. I was seeking temporary accommodation in London due to a work assignment, and Global turned out to be a good choice. There were numerous spaces to choose from and the staff I interacted with were friendly and reliable. The organisation is efficient. For example, if there is an issue in a flat this is addressed relatively quick. Recommended.

Former Guardian - Achim - 10 Blunt Road

Thanks for your kind words - as you know, I worked for the Olympic Games and then the Paralympics, which as a disabled person meant a lot to me.

You guys made that possible with this accommodation being accessible and being near Olympic Park, so thank you.

I will leave on 15th September after some of the best few weeks of my life.

Property guardian in a former office building in Bow, East London

Every day, as a guardian, in a Global Guardian property, I feel grateful for my personal living space here in Tottenham. It is warm, comfortable, and spacious; all at a very affordable fee.

As Head Guardian, with essential extra responsibilities, I am enabled to help all the guardians here to enjoy a higher standard of living in all communal areas by encouraging guardians to create clean, tidy, safe and welcoming spaces.

This is partly brought about by putting in place effective systems for the smooth running of the building, such as cleaning rotas and monitoring systems.

Weekly Reports to the Management mean that maintenance issues are dealt with as they arise, which ensures that essential services are kept in good order. Any other arising problems are reported too and dealt with by global Guardian Management Team.

Some other property Management companies do not have Head Guardians which results in a less efficient way of reporting arising problems, resulting in a less satisfactory standard of living.

The guardians living here treat the communal spaces, and each other respectfully, enjoy their private living spaces and regard this building as their temporary home. Most are very happy with the facilities and with the smooth running of the building.

I can thank Global Guardians for making it possible for me and thousands of others to be accommodated in London in a clean, tidy, safe and comfortable environment.

Head Guardian

I'm a bit sad that my time as a Global Guardian is coming to an end... circumstances require that I move on. I have lived as a guardian for two years in two very different properties in South East London and I have been very happy with both the quality of the accommodation and the service from the Global management team. Any problems (minor plumbing and electrical issues mostly) have been dealt with promptly. I have never had any issues with others who shared the properties... quite the opposite in fact. We never had problems allocating tasks like cleaning and tidying communal areas, and guardians have been respectful of each other's privacy and taken security seriously... after all that's what we're there for!

Above all the accommodation always felt like home despite its temporary nature. Spacious, secure, safe, warm and dry.

I would like to point out that there are other agencies who sometimes exaggerate the quality of their managed properties, or who seem to cram as many people as possible into them. Global don't do this. I think I can honestly say that in the past two years I have never had to queue for a hot shower!

Thank you Global!

Property Guardian in Former Flats located in Woolwich

I moved out fully on Sunday and returned earlier to tidy it up a bit and return my keys to the Head Guardian.

Thank you to you and Global Guardians for the past three and a half years. I've really enjoyed my time in Tottenham and with Global and will be sure to recommend Global Guardians to others.

I will say that my Head Guardian is a real credit to your organisation and really looks after every guardian like family. I will miss her and the other guardians greatly. A final thank you to you for your help last year in regards to my problems with my neighbouring guardian at the time. I will not hesitate to consider Global Guardians in the future.

Former Guardian

I've really enjoyed being a Global Guardian over the last year or so. It's been an awesome experience so far! I've stayed in a very spacious suburban house with a beautiful garden with just my girlfriend and a housemate. I currently live in an old shop in central London. Both are places that I wouldn't otherwise be able to live in at this time. Both properties have been characterful and its interesting living somewhere unusual rather than renting a smaller, more expensive space. The spaces have been great value for money. The former was really comfortable and the latter hasn't been quite so comfortable but that's part and parcel of living in an old shop. If there's ever been any issues the agency has been quick to respond and resolve them. It's a worthy sacrifice for living in Zone 1 and having the most incredible array of local amenities. I enjoy the transient nature of it. It's not so short that you're constantly moving but just as you start to become attached to a place you move on somewhere new. It's all quite exciting. I've heard of some agencies getting a bad rep for the treatment of their guardians but Global Guardians have been straightforward, professional and accommodating throughout. I'd highly recommend them.

Former Guardian

I have been a Global Guardian for about 6 months. They have a long list of fantastic properties. They have been professional and efficient and hassle free. I currently live in a large house which has a fantastic garden as well. My room is very spacious and has lots of windows. The company clearly vets the applicants properly as my housemates are really nice. We have a very big community spirit. We have had very few issues and any we have had have been fixed swiftly and professionally. The people in the company are very helpful and easy to talk to. I highly recommend them.

Former Guardian

I have been in two different properties as a guardian over the past year and a half. Both with a great price, spacious and in fantastic locations. Also, I find it personally interesting to be able to live in spaces that are different from the average property type. The only thing one might want to consider before joining the scheme is that there is no exact guarantee about the length of the staying, in my case it was 2 months in the first property and over a year in the second. Overall I think it was a great choice.

Former Guardian

I have recently started as a Guardian with Global Guardians and I am really impressed with the company. I looked at many guardian companies but global Guardians and the professional manner in which my queries were handled and addressed gave me the confidence to sign up. I am currently living in a one bedroom apartment in zone 2 and i love having the freedom of living alone in walking distance to Clapham common which i could never afford on my own in usual renting circumstances. I would highly recommend Global Guardians and i look forward to the future and the possibilities.

New Guardian

Everyday I hear from many people that it is difficult to save money due to overpriced cost of rent. Global Guardians is a company that give you the opportunity to solve this problem by offering unbeatable rent price with good standard. Of course there are some obligations and you have to adapt to a temporary agreement. Global Guardian is a professional company , trustworthy and friendly, and you can meet many nice people by the way during your experience as a Guardian. So don't be afraid and go for it!!!

Former Guardian

I love it to be honest. Only been a guardian for about a month but lucky for me the space I am looking after holds my own bathroom and kitchen. Great character to the building. Lots of shared living space in the building also. Very decent price for London!!!

New Guardian

A really good experience. A spacious well looked after property, the Global Guardians team are easy going and approachable. Very simple sign up process. Plenty of good properties to choose from. I can't fault it.

New Guardian

Out of the guardianship companies operating in London I feel Global is the best for my needs. It has a comprehensive lists of rules meaning you don't get loud or messy neighbours and that a community atmosphere is fostered in the building with respect and support for one another. The properties are maintained and there are numerous systems in place to safeguard yourself, property and also to report any issues or concerns (which are also dealt with swiftly). We have a great mix of people in our property from business people saving up for their first homes, creatives and health professionals. The guidelines mean that even if you work irregular shift patterns you can sleep, wash and cook in peace. I think the over 21 policy is great to make it a clear separation between student style housing (and the difficulties that arise living in that environment) and a respectful community. There are a number of styles of properties to fit your needs to from flats, houses, warehouses, offices and more. If you want a live-in work space, just an affordable room in a great location, or something a little quirky this is great. If you are worried about the transient lifestyle don't as Global has this covered with a one-month notice period AND they try and put you in another property they have within that period. This is better than when I was renting where I'd have less stability than that. There is a rota system for cleaning and monitoring the property at our location and it means you spend maybe 10-20minutes a week doing your share and it means your communal areas are always clean and a pleasure to live it. Also, noise is kept to a minimum after 10pm but this may never even come up as most guardians try to respect their neighbours anyway. It keeps things friendly with neighbours and avoids those arguments that can happen in any living situation. We've even had a Christmas party, events and made new friends. The team and community are wonderful and I can't recommend this highly enough. PLUS it's REALLY affordable.

Former Guardian

Being part of Global Guardians changed my life. I never would have moved to London if it wasn't for this organisation and the brilliant staff. Global Guardians and this type of alternative living is a game-changer and makes you think outside of the box. I lived in a ex-care home in Tottenham for over 2 years and it has been some of the best days and experiences in London. I would recommend it to anyone or try it at least once and you never know what opportunities will come about or who you'll meet.

New Guardian

I find Global Guardians very professional and personable. A lot of the guardian programs tend to lose interest once they have your money but Global have consistently been very supportive. Prices are very reasonable and there are always new places available.

Head Guardian

Global Guardians Management, is a team of very serious persons dedicated in making sure that the commitment of protecting properties is very paramount and has used this channel to house a lot of people paying very affordable fees. i am going to three years with them and i must say is about the best thing that has happened to me in this place.i am advertising seriously for others to come forward and benefit from their good will. Serious greetings to them.

Former Guardian

I have been a Global Guardian for about 6 months. They have a long list of fantastic properties. They have been professional and efficient and hassle free. I currently live in a large house which has a fantastic garden as well. My room is very spacious and has lots of windows. The company clearly vets the applicants properly as my housemates are really nice. We have a very big community spirit. We have had very few issues and any we have had have been fixed swiftly and professionally. The people in the company are very helpful and easy to talk to. I highly recommend them.

Former Guardian

The living spaces with Global Guardians are simply fantastic. The team have always been fantastic to deal with and very helpful. Highly interesting living spaces are always available and you clearly get far more bang for your buck than the market which is never to be sniffed at! Global Guardians offer a fantastic and realistic housing alternative to many, whilst protecting and caring for properties... it's a win win!

Head Guardian

Really easy company to deal with. Very friendly and straightforward. Finding a new place to live with them is uncomplicated and the places they offer are great.

New Guardian

Very straightforward to deal with, and loads of living space for the money. Fun housemates too.

New Guardian

I have been a guardian for almost 3 years now! Great properties with fair prices! Nothing I can fault!

Former Guardian

I joined Global as a guardian in 2013. In that time I did not really know what guardianship was meant to be. Similarly, to many other applicants, the main magnetism was the affordability. During the years I realised that Global does not demand any impractical tasks from us and in return, with the guardians' active contribution, we can enjoy a safe, secured, clean, and maintained living place for acceptable price.

During my Head Guardian period, I was lucky to have amazing, friendly and helpful housemates all the time. I was (and still am) happy to live and work with them. I suppose, it is all about the way we approached each other. There was nothing that we could not discuss and we helped each other as much as our opportunities allowed us. Although there is a bit of hierarchy in the system, i.e. a Head Guardian is the messenger, observer, and executor between Global and the guardians, the job still can be done in a family atmosphere. Moreover, due to permanent contact with Global officials, I have managed to develop a really good working relationship with the staff. I met with very nice people who sooner or later found suitable solutions for each problem. I am not going to name them, there are just simply too many to mention. Thank you for you too for making my job easy!

Nevertheless, I suppose I could not be a good Head Guardian if there had not been a brilliant example to follow, and she was Sandie Burland, my former Head Guardian at Broadwater Lodge. She was always happy and helpful with positive philosophy, and had cosmic patience and balanced attitude. Together with other guardians we met together several times and had - sometimes meaningful, sometimes easy - conversations and programs. One of these was the so called 'Nations' Culinary' event that we organised for ourselves when each nation who lived there cooked a typical national food and shared them with the participants. (Unfortunately, Broadwater Lodge has closed down in 2016 and we split. I hope you are all right guys from there!)

Currently Sandie is going through a difficult period of time, and here I would like to take the opportunity (together and on behalf of all the other previous housemates) to wish her a fast recovery. Get well soon Sandie! We miss you!

In summary, being a Head Guardian is more of a fun job than work, responsibility and obligation, but at the same time, a good opportunity to build deeper friendship and relationships with other guardians and to enjoy an efficient role at Global. Overall, I am happy to be who I am.

Guardian of the month winner - August 2017

Hi, my name is Emma and I am a Veterinary Surgeon. I have been a guardian since April 2017, and moved into my guardian property with my boyfriend in June 2017. I heard about becoming a property guardian from him, as he had lived in guardian properties before, and I loved how he was able to live in central locations at such an affordable price. I had previously looked at private rentals, and was horrified at how expensive it is to rent privately in London. Since moving in to our property, we have transformed it into a cosy home. We have re-painted the walls, replaced the carpet, blinds and light fittings, as well as adding our own furniture. Having so much space means that we have been able to spread out our belongings, and we never feel cramped or short of room. The more affordable rent also means we have been able to purchase good quality furniture that we otherwise would not have been able to buy. I have loved living here so far, and everyone who has visited us has also been impressed with it. A bonus is that there is an incredible amount of history behind our property. We have retained some of the building's original character by leaving certain walls with their original coats of paint, and hanging up on display some of the old items we have found here. All of my friends and family find it so interesting to visit us and look around our flat, with the background of the property being a great start to any conversation.

Living space of the month winner - August 2017

This is Riyad, I used to be a global guardian a couple of years back and I am currently looking into finding a flat with Global again.

I went to a viewing in Hendon yesterday, which unfortunately turned out to be very far away from my work place in Mayfair... but the reason I am writing is to convey my sincere thanks and utmost appreciation for Lianne's professionalism and patience.

I was stuck in traffic for half hour and Lianne had the choice to cancel the viewing but she kindly waited and I was able to view the property for which I am highly appreciative. It is the lovely people such as Lianne, Luke (if he's still with Global) and yourself that in my mind make what Global Guardian a favoured property guardian over other agencies.

Hope you all move from strength to strength and thank you for your good work!

Riyad Mustafa

potential guardian