Why you should use a Property Guardian (Infographic)

Posted on July 26, 2017.



The role of a property guardians play in the contemporary UK property market is becoming increasingly high profile. This can arguably be attributed to two key trends.

  • The increasing cost of renting property in the UK, particularly in London and the South East. 
  • The volume of vacant properties across the UK.



These are two trends which never seem to out of the news, and the numerous benefits of property guardianship have, as a consequence, gained greater media coverage. Put simply, property guardianship allows people who may be feeling locked out of the rental housing market to enjoy spacious accommodation in vacant properties which are in need of protection. This lowers both housing costs for the tenant, and ensures that property owners are not having to spend vast amounts of money on security provision and overall upkeep. Our infographic below details the cost savings generated by property guardianship - both for the guardian, and the vacant property owner.


As you can see, the benefits for the owner of a vacant property owner include:

  • lower insurance premiums
  • saving on the cost of installing 24 hour security to guard a vacant property.
  • preventing the overall depreciation of an empty property.
  • protecting the vacant property against potential squatters.










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