Tips for successfully selling your home... Fast!

Posted on October 27, 2015.

In light of constantly rising property prices, it is particularly tricky to sell your property now. The start of the year is typically not a very busy time for the property market. Springtime offers a fresh chance to sell your property though, and fast. There are a number of things you can do to prepare your property so that it wows potential buyers. At Global Guardians we have some top tips to help. Make everything look lovely First impressions matter a lot when you are viewing a property. In order to make your home look more appealing and valuable to potential buyers you should start with the basic decorations. There is a difference between a house and home. Finding this balance is essential. Whilst you want buyers to feel at ease in the property, you also want to give them room to consider how they can make it their home. Most of your decor can stay intact but consider:
  • Taking down family photographs or canvases
  • Removing any potentially offensive decorations/posters etc.
  • Minimising the amount of ornaments on show
  • Avoiding displaying bright or bold coloured items (such as bedding or other upholsteries)
  • Switching light bulbs for new or brighter ones
Your home should still feel homely but without seeming cluttered or over-personalised. Tidy things up Another way of making the property look lovely is to tidy things up. Again you should aim to minimise any personal effects or ornaments. Fussy features, overly traditional things or garish belongings are all likely to deter buyers. Keep things clean and neatly organised. Entering a home where clothes is spilling out of the wardrobe, food and dirty crockery litters the kitchen counters, and toiletries are crammed on every shelf in the bathroom is not a good starting point. Cleaning goes a long way too. Dispel dust and dirt to make your home look far more appealing. It may even be worth spending the money to get carpets professionally cleaned. An airy and fresh-smelling home will sell quicker. It’s even been known that the smell of fresh bread or coffee helps too! Stay on top of maintenance Maintenance of your property is important, especially when it comes to plumbing. Dripping taps, blocked toilets and loose fixtures are major turn-offs and can all be solved relatively simply as a DIY job or with the help of a plumber. Any mould or damp problems should also be properly managed. If you were in the middle of decorating and decided to up and move, any projects should be finished off. Missing tiles or skirting boards, messy paint jobs and holes in the wall won’t make your property sell very fast at all. Although some projects may take too long to finish off in the way you had wanted, a fresh lick of paint and a replaced tile are things that don’t take much time. It must look orderly. Electrical appliances should be kept to a minimum along with ornamental things. Unless you are planning on selling your property furnished you can afford to take a few of the electrical things off show. If the property is being sold with electrical kitchen items such as a kettle, toaster and microwave give these a good clean and make sure they work. Broken sockets, loose cables and fraying wires should be fixed to cover all health and safety concerns. At Global Guardians we can secure your vacant property in London with our live-in property guardians. Selling a property is never an easy job and often it requires a lot of waiting before you pass on the keys to the new owners. A substantial amount of preparation needs to be done in order to prepare your home for viewings by potential buyers. There are a few simple ways that can dramatically add value to your property. View the property from outside One of the things a lot of homeowners forget is the exterior of their property. Essentially this is the first thing potential buyers will see so this can be an instant deciding factor againstbuying. You don’t need to splurge on investments in new plants or gates and doors either. Work with what you do have and give things a bit of a tidy up just like you would do in the inside of your home. Trim back any hedges, sort out weeding, and plant a few choice flowers in the flowerbeds (if the season is right), in the front and back gardens. Don’t forget to wash the windows too. You should be able to stand back and look at your property feeling confident. A few other insider tricks that can instantly add value to a property by its exterior include:
  • Parking a new executive car outside
  • Giving your car a wash or treating it to a professional clean
  • Cleaning the driveway with a pressure washer
  • Adding a fresh coat of paint to the front door and garage door
Keep pets away from home Animals are a tricky one and more likely than not can cause problems. Some people love them but then some people really don’t. In order to cater for your whole audience of potential buyers, the best thing to do is arrange for your pets to be away from home during viewings. Three things can get in the way of selling a property when you have pets:
  • Pet lovers can end up paying more attention to the animal than the home itself
  • Pet haters will feel uncomfortable and so make their way as quickly around the property as possible
  • Viewers that are allergic may contract a reaction which will put them off the home completely
Clear away any of your pet’s belongings, such as food and water bowls, beds, and (most importantly!) litter trays. Choose the right estate agency A number of homeowners overlook the process of choosing and estate agency when it comes to putting their house on the market. Getting the agency right though can help to sell your property at a good price. Avoid jumping at the first agency you find or the most convenient option. Look for a professional agency to market your property that has a high customer service record. Do some checks on the previous houses they have been commissioned to sell and gauge their success level. You can learn a lot from other people’s past experiences. Don’t forget to check out the first part of our article, for more ways to market your property and increase its value. Get that quick sale today! If you are looking to secure a vacant property in London, contact us and we can help. At Global Guardians our live-in property guardians can look after things.

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