The Worst Things About Renting A Property

Posted on October 27, 2015.

 Renting a property currently seems like the best financial solution to many people due to the rising costs of housing. However, there are a number of things that aren’t so good about renting a property which can be major setbacks, hindering the chance for you to make your living space feel like a home. We understand the role of landlords and renters at Global Guardians, and would advise those thinking of renting to be wary of these five things.

Outdoor space is minimal Whether you plan to live in a flat or a house, rented properties don’t tend to think about outdoor space. Gardens (if any) are usually very small and basic with just a patch of grass or concrete slabs. Balconies are normally minimalistic too. The important thing is to work with what you do have. You may be able to fit a small table and chairs set onto your balcony or garden. Potted plants provide a solution to the lack of grass or flowerbeds as well. Research what plants can survive indoor conditions just in case. Decorating is tricky Many rules are put in place by landlords with the intention of securing the property from unnecessary and costly damage. Most rented properties won’t allow you to paint the walls or apply wallpaper, or attach pictures using nails or blu-tack. Living with bare walls can leave a property feeling a bit sparse. There are ways around this of course, but before you sign a contract make sure you understand what you can and can’t do to the property, in terms of decorating. The kitchen and bathroom need work Perhaps the two rooms that demand the most attention, kitchens and bathrooms can be the rooms in rented properties that need the most work done to them. These are often neglected due to being costly to redecorate, although if you think there are any hazards or hygienic issues, approach your landlord about getting them fixed. Offer to add a fresh coat of paint or grouting yourself if necessary, to save your landlord the hassle! Appliances can be dated Landlords shouldn’t be expected to upgrade appliances every time a new model comes out so it is likely you will have to make do with older appliances that have gone through the hands of previous renters. Like will the kitchen and bathroom décor, if any appliances are faulty or break it should be the duty of your landlord to replace them for you. Most contracts won’t expect you to pay for new items if they reach the end of their wear. It is difficult to arrange mail There are a lot of stories about mail going astray or never making it to the address when living in a rented property.  Having to visit the local sorting office every time you order online can be a hassle, not to mention those times the parcels were stolen. Depending on where your property is and if you are living in a house or flat it can be tricky to build relationships with your neighbours. Securing a point of collection for your mail if you are not home is usually not an option but sometimes it can work. If you’d like to find out more information about becoming a property guardian for Global Guardians, visit our guardians page. We put both the property owner and the guardian on the same level so that friendly connections can be built. Contact us for further inquiries about our services.

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