Secure Your Front Door to Deter Thieves

Posted on December 18, 2015.

Whether or not there are waves of theft and break-ins occurring in your area, home safety should always be one of your most important priorities. Your home is the place you return to after a long day’s work or business trip, and for it to feel safe and secure, you need to prevent people from breaking into it. The front door is the most common way thieves enter your home, so by securing your front door properly, you can deter many from trying to break-in. Securing your door is a very easy process, and even one or two improvements will prevent burglars. Install a new deadbolt strike plate Your deadbolt strike plate is the metal piece where the deadbolt latch slots into the door frame. Often, strike plates are only capable of holding your door shut, and not preventing you from a forced entry. By installing a new strike plate with a box strike model that has longer screws and a full metal enclosure, you will improve your front door’s ability to withstand strong kicks. Replace your hollow door with a solid wood or metal door Hollow doors are only really suitable for interior spaces and should never really be used for external doors. A solid wood door is relatively expensive and drastically stronger than hollow models. If you can afford it, hardwood will offer the most strength from a wood door. If you want a metal door, steel is a surprisingly cheap option and it doesn’t succumb to rot. For the best protection, look for hurricane rated doors. Reinforce the door and door jamb A persistent burglar will knock down a door, even one with a box plate. A door reinforcement kit will fortify your door to withstand forceful entry. By adding a layer of steel to your door, you can prevent the frames from splitting, and thus making entry that much more difficult. Secure any exposed door hinges Experienced burglars will notice if a door swings outward due to the exposed hinges, many doors’ Achilles ’ heel. Methods such as putting a setscrew in the hinges, fast-riveted pins and safety studs will prevent the hinge pins from being removed in order to lift the door up and off. Conspicuous security and lighting measures Ideally, a would-be burglar will look at your front door and not bother trying to attack it in the first place. You can signify to the burglar that trying to enter your home isn’t going to be worth it by having obvious security cameras and motion detecting lights around your front door. You can even get hi-tech options that connect your door to your Wi-Fi, so you can remotely monitor your door. Dummy blinking cameras are an effective security measure too, with blinking red lights causing even the most honest people to feel nervous at times.

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