Where Do Property Guardians Live In London?

Posted on December 5, 2016.

There are thousands of empty properties in the UK and many are located in the capital. They might be vacant for a variety of reasons; often larger buildings may be waiting to be sold, to obtain planning permission for future development or simply because their owners reside overseas. Unfortunately, vacant buildings can fall into disrepair and often attract either vandals or squatters. Property guardianship provides a way of keeping these disused buildings occupied and helps to provide exceptionally low cost accommodation for Londoners who are looking for an affordable way to live in this vibrant capital.


What Types Of Buildings Do Property Guardians In London Live In?

Property guardians rarely live in typical accommodation, which is an entirely positive aspect of the arrangement. The types of buildings that a guardian might be offered a placement in could include a former school, library, fire station, church, office or even a stately home. Frequently these buildings will be divided up into several spaces which will be allocated individually to a property guardian living alongside other vetted professionals.


Where Are These Buildings Located In London?

Buildings which are available to property guardians are located all over the vast city of London. Some might be found in suburbs such as Kingston, Feltham or Bexleyheath which offer a quiet and relaxing environment. For those that prefer more of the hustle and bustle that London has to offer, you’ll be pleased to hear that many are also located in enviable central locations such as Clapham, Highgate or Whitechapel.


What Does It Cost To Live In These Locations?

Whilst property guardian prices do vary depending on the location and specific building that you are offered, it is possible to save an incredible amount of money by signing up to this type of arrangement. Typically, a guardian will save 60% (less minimal licence fee) of the average monthly private rental cost in London. This makes it an extremely affordable option for many London renters who are struggling to find accommodation and are not able to contemplate getting on the housing ladder.


What Are The Other Benefits Of Property Guardianship?

Whilst affordability is perhaps the most well-known benefit to becoming a property guardian, it is only one of a number of advantages. A flexible approach to living is also something that persuades guardians to sign up. Many private tenancy agreements across the UK involve lengthy tie-in periods forcing you to commit to stay for at least several months. However, property guardian licences allow you to give 4 weeks’ notice on your allocated space before moving on. This is perfect for people who have recently moved to London and need somewhere to settle for a few weeks whilst getting to grips with life in the capital. Many love the flexibility so much that they choose to become a property guardian in another part of the capital. This allows the opportunity to experience many different areas of London whilst living in a diverse range of properties and making dozens of new friends along the way.


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