New Decant Project For Global Guardians!

Posted on May 1, 2013.

Global Guardians Management Ltd is pleased to announce that they have taken over a large block of flats in Shooters Hill, Greenwich for our Guardians to protect. This is part of a decant project to ensure that as tenants move out of each flat our Guardians move in on a temporary basis. This prevents the flats sitting empty and vulnerable to anti-social behaviour. Kristina Klass, Senior Guardian Manager, of Global Guardians Management Ltd said, ‘We have several good quality flats for successful applicants to live in as property guardians. As with any property we secure we only accept applicants who are in employment and can provide good references as well as supporting documents such as passport, wage slips, proof of current address, and bank statements.’ ‘The flats are in a great location with a two minute walk to the local shops. We hope that the local businesses will receive the benefits of our property guardians living near to them, because our guardians will no doubt spend money in the local shops and integrate with the local community. So from a derelict building that would just attract problems we now have an opportunity to help keep the area safe with our conscientious guardians.’ There are several types of flats available for protection, including studio flats, one bedroom and two bedroom flats. Some are in great condition, others are in less good condition but with a touch of paint, some cheap carpet and some TLC, they can be brought up to a very comfortable standard. Central heating is provided in each flat, along with communal satellite TV, potential to install broadband and telephone, self-contained bathrooms and kitchens. Due to the low prices, these would definitely appeal to people who want to save money on their accommodation as well as for people who want a nice, safe place to live. The sense of community also appeals to community-minded guardians. Theo Kyprianou, Managing Director, of Global Guardians Management Ltd stated that: ‘Due to the type of business we operate – temporary security solutions through live-in guardians – we do not accept anyone under the age of 18 years old to become a guardian, so children are not allowed to live in our properties. Also, we do not allow pets or people who are looking to claim housing benefit. This means that we offer affordable accommodation to working people 18 years and above and in return they look after and secure the properties from anti-social behaviour of all varieties. ‘ ‘This block of flats is a great opportunity for Global Guardians but also shows that we are capable of securing large projects for big clients. We aim and achieve hassle-free, flexible security solutions to all of our clients, whether they have one flat to hundreds of flats, a two bed house to a 50 room care home. We will find the most appropriate solution and will manage it correctly. Whatever is required we will provide, which is why we have such a good rate of repeat business.’ If you have an empty property you are having problems with please contact us today and we will provide you with the best price and best value for money. Even if you are looking for advice on how best to protect your empty property or if you have an empty property portfolio you are looking to manage effectively, we offer the best strategy to assist.  

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