Living space of the month winner - August 2017

Posted on August 17, 2017.

We are kicking off this summer by bringing back LIVING SPACE OF THE MONTH!

























After a lot of consideration over who  should be awarded with this prize this month,we have chosen a winner. We would like the congratulate our guardians Emma Hammond and Henry Tollitt.


Emma Hammond comments on being a property guardian


My name is Emma and I am a Veterinary Surgeon. I have been a guardian since April 2017, and moved into my guardian property with my boyfriend in June 2017. I heard about becoming a property guardian from him, as he had lived in guardian properties before, and I loved how he was able to live in central locations at such an affordable price.

I had previously looked at private rentals, and was horrified at how expensive it is to rent privately in London. Since moving in to our property, we have transformed it into a cosy home. We have re-painted the walls, replaced the carpet, blinds and light fittings, as well as adding our own furniture.

Having so much space means that we have been able to spread out our belongings, and we never feel cramped or short of room. The more affordable rent also means we have been able to purchase good quality furniture that we otherwise would not have been able to buy.

I have loved living here so far, and everyone who has visited us has also been impressed with it. A bonus is that there is an incredible amount of history behind our property. We have retained some of the building’s original character by leaving certain walls with their original coats of paint, and hanging up on display some of the old items we have found here.

All of my friends and family find it so interesting to visit us and look around our flat, with the background of the property being a great start to any conversation."



This property has a very unique past in terms of it's history so it was great to see how it has been transformed into a cosy, lovable living space. Please see a comparison image below of how this pair have completely transformed the front room. Guardianship is a great way for a couple or a pair to secure aliving space and revamp it into their own creative base whilst also saving money. Doesn't sound too bad right?. Emma and Henry have also taken advantage of another room in their flat which they have converted into a spacious bedroom. 






















If you're a new guardian with us or are unsure about what this exactly is then take a look below.

  1. Every month guardians will send us images of their living space and how they've transformed it into their own unique area using creativity, innovation and imagination.
  2. After viewing these creative entries and comparing them to how the property was when it was taken on, we will then choose a winner for that month.
  3. We will let the guardian know that they have won living space of the month and will award them with a £50 gift voucher to a range of stores.


If you are a guardian with us and are looking to enter this competition to show off your space then please send your living space to

Not a guardian but fancy becoming one?. Get in touch on 0203 818 9100 or give us register an account with us on

Whilst Global commend you for creating a vastly improved living space, you are reminded that you occupy on a 28 day non exclusive licence.  Therefore any time or money you may spend improving the property will only benefit you for the period of actual occupation which  always remains uncertain and may be terminated on 28 days notice at the sole discretion of Global.  

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