Life Enhancing Chances

Posted on October 27, 2015.

As part of our commitment to regenerating properties and helping the local community,Global Guardians Management Ltd has helped people who are unable to decorate their house or maintain their gardens, due to ill health, old age or incapacity. This is part of our Life Enhancing Chances : helping the less able to have a better life by carrying out voluntary skilled work to assist them. Decorating: one of our clients advised us that they have some tenants who are finding it hard to decorate their homes. This is due to disability or old age. The tenants were feeling a bit down about not being able to decorate their own home and seeing their house’s interior becoming shabby and outdated. Our in-house maintenance team soon changed all of that by painting up their property throughout and transforming a dowdy looking house into a freshly painted and cosy home. Gardening: one of our clients had a tenant who could no longer tend to their garden due to disability. This meant that the garden had overgrown uncontrollably and their house was inviting fly tippers and anti-social behaviour. Our in-house grounds maintenance team attended site and trimmed all of the overgrown vegetation back to a controllable level, as well as mowing the lawn and pruning the flowers. Fences: one of our clients had a tenant whose who back garden and front garden fence was blown down in the recent storm. This would have cost a lot of money to put back up and the tenant could not afford to do this. Our in-house maintenance team put the fence back up as well as supplied all of the fixtures and fittings to ensure that the fence would not be blown down again. Live-in Guardians If you would like to become a property guardian and help Global Guardians Management secure empty properties please contact us at the office on: 020 8370 0286 We look forward to hearing from you. Vacant Property Security If you are a property owner who like the idea of our Guardian Solution and would like Global Guardians to secure your vacant property please contact: Nick Knight Business Consultant Email: Tel: 020 8370 0286 or Stuart Woolgar Logistics Director Email:  Tel: 020 8370 0286

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