Lessons For Decorating Your First Home Successfully

Posted on October 27, 2015.

Moving in to your first property can be exciting, particularly with the opportunity to decorate it. Avoid becoming overwhelmed by the possibilities so that you create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere in your new home. Here at Global Guardians we’ve worked with many property owners, investors, and guardians, subsequently learning these five lessons for decorating a first home. Take your time to create a home Moving in to a new place is never easy so don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself to get the place completely decorated straight away. Many homeowners live by the idea that they are constantly chipping away at their home to make it the way they want it to be. The best thing to do is prioritise which rooms or parts of the property need work. That way you can become more comfortable once these are finished. Always keep your eyes open to décor items when you’re shopping too. Decorate with items you like It may seem obvious but when it comes to buying little decorations or items for your home, only choose those that you like. Don’t think about what other people might or might not like. It’s your home after all so in order to be happy in your living space, avoid impulse or blind buying. Before you buy, think ahead about where the item might fit in your home and whether it would be suitable there.  Don’t buy furniture from the same place The easy option for homeowners is to buy furniture all in one go to get it out the way. As well as being a massive delivery and the hassle of assembling multiple pieces of furniture with instructions you don’t understand, your home will have a very uniformed feel. Homes are meant to be relaxed living spaces so avoid the lack of character that will come from all-matching furniture.  Think about smart lighting solutions Particularly if you are living in a block of flats, the lighting in your home is an important feature to consider. Dark properties with limited or obstructed windows benefit more from simple and neutral curtains or blinds, to maximise natural lighting. There is only so much electronic lighting can do and often a lack of sunlight can have a negative impact on your mood. Be clever with the electronic lighting you do have so that light isn’t just coming from one source in each room.  Invest in a good mattress and bedding Mattresses can be expensive but when it comes down to having a good night’s sleep or not, they are definitely worth the investment. Quality mattresses will last must longer and having a brand new mattress is much more hygienic that keeping hold of an older one. Likewise, when it comes to bedding don’t just jump at the cheapest offers. Think of style andsubstance before you buy. Although bedding is easier to maintain and replace, it can have a big effect on the feel of a room. If you have a vacant or empty property that needs safeguarding, we can help. Our team at Global Guardians are experts in securing properties from unwelcome guests or damage, by finding suitable property guardians to live-in and look after the property. Contact us for further details.

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