How to Keep Your Home Safe This Winter

Posted on December 18, 2015.

Criminals love winter. The long, dark nights and events from Halloween, to Bonfire night, Christmas parties and New Years Eve mean that many people are out of their homes and thus easier to burgle. Obviously, theft and malicious damage are covered by most home insurance policies should the worst happen, but taking steps before a crime occurs will heighten your chances of never being a victim of this awful crime. Keep your property locked Burglars are opportunists and will only look for easy targets, so always make sure you lock your property. It’s reported that one in three burglaries require no force, as they can get in through an open window or door. Even if you’re just out for a few minutes, you should always lock your doors and windows. Invest in good quality locks Burglars tend to target front and back doors first. As external locks, these should ideally have three different locking points. Mortice locks will add strength to your door and deadlocks can make it difficult for thieves to leave your house, so act as a deterrent. If you have, or want to get a PVC or metal door, ensure they come with a good inbuilt lock and fitted chain, as you’ll have to spend a lot of money having them added afterwards. Good locks make the hinge side of your door weaker, so add hinge bolts for another level of security. Secure your glass Glass windows are a real weak spot when it comes to burglary, so you may want to consider using laminated glass or securing your glass with a film to make it harder to break. Key operated locks on all your accessible windows is an essential part of your home security system, and the keys should be kept out of sight and reach. If you have patio doors, your local DIY store will help you find the right locks to secure them. Install outside lighting and a visible burglar alarm Burglar alarms and outside lighting are really effective deterrents, even if you use a dummy alarms. The lighting will also eliminate any dark spots for the burglar to hide in. Use a property guardian At Global Guardians, we can find you a live-in guardian for your property whilst you’re away. With crime rates rising by 11% throughout January alone, having someone occupying your property will put off potential burglars. The lights and noise coming from your property will deter potential thieves and keep your property safer. If you want more information about how a service works, please contact us or call 020 8370 0286 today.

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