Guardian of the month winner - August 2017

Posted on September 1, 2017.

After looking over all of our fantastic guardians this month, we have chosen a winner to be rewarded! We would like to congratulate our AUGUST 2017 GUARDIAN OF THE MONTH WINNER - Gabor Horvath. picture1 Gabor has been nominated by a range of staff at Global Guardians for his hard work, constant positive, truthworthy attitude and his friendliness to all staff and guardians during his time as a head guardian. Gabor has been a head guardian within the property 'station road' for a while now and has never complained about any task given to him through global. He always makes the guardians at this property feel welcomed and  listens to any problems that may arise. Please read Gabor's responsive when we asked him about his time being a guardian. I joined Global as a guardian in 2013. In that time I did not really know what guardianship was meant to be. Similarly to many other applicants, the main magnetism was the affordability. During the years I realised that Global does not demand any impractical tasks from us and in return, with the guardians’ active contribution, we can enjoy a safe, secured, clean, and maintained living place for acceptable price. During my Head Guardian period I was lucky to have amazing, friendly and helpful housemates all the time. I was (and still am) happy to live and work with them. I suppose, it is all about the way we approached each other. There was nothing that we could not discuss and we helped each other as much as our opportunities allowed us. Although there is a bit of hierarchy in the system, i.e. a Head Guardian is the messenger, observer, and executor between Global and the guardians, the job still can be done in a family atmosphere. Moreover, due to permanent contact with Global officials, I have managed to develop a really good working relationship with the staff. I met with very nice people who sooner or later found suitable solutions for each problem. I am not going to name them, there are just simply too many to mention. Thank you for you too for making my job easy! Nevertheless, I suppose I could not be a good Head Guardian if there had not been a brilliant example to follow, and she was Sandie Burland, my former Head Guardian at Broadwater Lodge. She was always happy and helpful with positive philosophy, and had cosmic patience and balanced attitude. Together with other guardians we met together several times and had - sometimes meaningful, sometimes easy - conversations and programs. One of these was the so called ‘Nations’ Culinary’ event that we organised for ourselves when each nation who lived there cooked a typical national food and shared them with the participants. (Unfortunately Broadwater Lodge has closed down in 2016 and we split. I hope you are all right guys from there!) Currently Sandie is going through a difficult period of time, and here I would like to take the opportunity (together and on behalf of all the other previous housemates) to wish her a fast recovery. Get well soon Sandie! We miss you! In summary, being a Head Guardian is more of a fun job than work, responsibility and obligation, but at the same time, a good opportunity to build deeper friendship and relationships with other guardians and to enjoy an efficient role at Global. Overall, I am happy to be who I am. It isn't only about affordable living, it's about the relationships built and memories made. We are very pleased to have a guardian like Gabor on board with us at global as well as all of our other guardians who work so hard within their living space to keep it tidy,clean and creative whilst also building a fantastic daily community. If you would like to be our 'September's guardian of the month' or nominate a guardian who you believe should be rewarded then please send this over to or give us a call at 0203 818 9100. Good luck!

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