Global Guardians Protects Against Illegal Raves

Posted on October 27, 2015.

Global Guardians Management provides the Guardian Solution to many different property owners from Local Authorities, Housing Associations, ALMOs, NHS Trusts and private developers. For larger organisations on specific empty properties our Guardian Solution is provided on a free-of-charge basis. This is because we work in partnership with these organisations for many reasons: 1. Prevent anti-social behaviour, squatting, theft of fixtures and fittings and dereliction to occur at the owner’s empty building. 2. Reduce anti-social behaviour in the local neighbourhood. 3. Bring the empty building back into use so local people can become property guardians with our organisation to carry out a useful service to the environment and to reduce their accommodation costs by up to 60%. It is with this reasoning that we approach new clients in order for them and their local neighbourhood to benefit from our Guardian Solution. One of the issues that we have been seeing more and more recently is the use of larger empty buildings for illegal raves. The problem with these illegal raves is that they are unregulated and being held in derelict premises that are not fit-for-purpose. In order for our live-in guardians to protect such vacant properties we have to use our Global Improvement Programme to make the buildings safe from a fire safety and environmental health standpoint. Global Guardians Management does not just take on an empty property and put people to live there. We follow a very methodical process, which is based on our grounding in the fire safety and environmental health industry; our sister company is a fire safety and environmental health company, which founded Global Guardians Management. Managing risks in buildings is our forte as we have been doing this for years, and are regularly audited to ensure compliance with industry regulations. It is due to this that when we see a tragic illegal rave such as what happened in Croydon recently we try to take action to help the owners of vacant properties. Although the people who organised the illegal rave are responsible for what happened, the owner of the property is also responsible because the building was not secured adequately. With our Guardian Solution in situ the property would have been secured and the illegal rave would not have happened. This is a graphic illustration of why it is imperative for all owners of vacant properties to make the right choice to protect their empty buildings. The fact that our service is free-of-charge adds an extra incentive to vacant property owners and demonstrates our willingness to work together in partnership to tackle the problems associated with empty buildings. This is our response to the tragic illegal rave that occurred in a Royal Mail owned empty building in Croydon: If you are worried about the security of your empty building and do not have the budget to afford traditional security measures, then contact Global Guardians Management. We guarantee to beat the price of any other security company whilst providing expert advice and action to protect your empty building. Contact Stuart Woolgar on / 020 8370 0286 today for a free-of-charge site assessment.  

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