GG Tips for Food Shopping

Posted on February 23, 2018.

Food Shopping


The weekly food shop, this weekly ritual can be expensive and overwhelming if you dive in head first. Check out our in office tips on how we keep a low budget, not over buy and get the best for our buck.


  1. Compare store brands to name brands things to consider when comparing are:
    • Taste/ quality - You may be surprised to find out that superstore brands have had good feedback for quality and taste.
    • Cost - superstore brands cost a substantial amount less than name brands, it could save you a few quid ;-)
    • Reviews - see what products are worth trying before buying.


  1. Make a shopping list
    • Buy a note pad fridge magnet
    • Write things down as they run out
    • Stop you from double buying products you already have


  1. Be organised
    • Meal prep - this way you will only buy what you need
    • Have a set budget
    • Shop on the same day every week - this way it will ensure your shopping will last 7 whole days


  1. Try discount stores if you're trying to cut down on spending
    • Check out pound shops for snacks - they usually have all the big name brands for less
    • Discount stores usually sell multi packs- they last longer and are more worth the costs


We hope that our in office tips has given you some advice on how to be smart with your weekly food shop. If we've missed out any tips we'd love to hear what you do to save money or time when it comes to food shopping.


Remember guys, good food, good mood!



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