The Benefits Of Being A Property Guardian

Posted on July 4, 2016.

Recent statistics gathered from the Government’s English Housing Survey highlight the fact that private renters in London are now outnumbering homeowners for the first time in over a decade. With 898,000 households living in rented accommodation in the capital, 2016 has become the year of the landlord.

The buy-to-let market has gone crazy as landlords are capitalising on this imbalanced situation. The London property ladder is impossibly hard to get onto so renters are willing to sign longer tenancy agreements in order to appeal to landlords and secure a roof over their heads. Other tenants are giving up the use of shared communal areas such as a living room in order to squeeze an extra person into the property and reduce the rental costs.

But what if there was a different way?

London is an exhilarating city filled with interesting people, innovative industries, and a multitude of both career and personal opportunities. It would be a shame to relocate elsewhere because of a simple housing crisis. This is where property guardianship comes in.

What Is A Property Guardian?

The concept of property guardianship is that a large disused building such as a school or library is kept secure by having working professionals occupy the empty space. Essentially property guardians pay a minimal amount of a license fee in exchange for residing in some amazing and unique places. There are many benefits to becoming a property guardian.

Save Money

Rents are sky-high in London at present, so those that are looking to save money on accommodation will be delighted to hear that it is possible to save approximately 60% (less licence fee) by becoming a property guardian. For this amount of money you can expect to live in a place that is roughly ten times the equivalent space you might receive as a private tenant. Surely this is something worth looking into?

Unique Accommodation

London has a broad range of housing styles, but it is fair to say that as a private tenant you might typically live in a Victorian conversion flat, a modern new-build block or a former local authority building. Many of these flats will be small. Conversely property guardians have a vast array of unique buildings that are available to them. Of course the selection will vary depending on the availability at any given time, but you might expect vacant rooms in a former fire station, school, library, stately home, hospital or office building. A significant benefit is that the majority of these properties will be extremely large. Additionally, the licence agreement has a 4 week duration which allows guardians to be flexible with their choice of living arrangements.

Community Spirit

If you have recently moved to London, or even if you’ve been here a while, then you’ll love the community spirit of property guardianship. You’ll get to live alongside people from all walks of life in what can be a very friendly society. Be assured that a trusted and reputable firm such as Global Guardians will always fully vet an individual before placing them as a guardian. Everyone you come across will be a full-time working professional. There is also an emphasis in giving back to the local area where possible. Volunteering with charities such as Age UK allows guardians to feel firmly rooted within their community.

If you have any questions regarding services for vacant buildings, please don't hesitate to contact myself and our very experienced team who will be happy to answer and help you manage your void properties safely today.

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