Affordable Accommodation – Property Guardianship

Posted on October 27, 2015.

For the past ten years I have witnessed the vast increase in rent and house prices in London, as properties are being bought from foreign investors for ridiculous amounts of money, causing prices to sky rocket.

Many people who live in London in their 20s and 30s are unable to afford the cost of rent let alone the cost of purchasing a home. The rent they pay is generally the majority of their income causing them to work purely to exist. The outcome is that a lot of young working people are living beyond their means, falling into debt. This is turn creates problems of anti-social behaviour amongst many other issues. Some young people look to the alternatives and might consider what is known as ‘affordable housing’ but when they see the true costs of this, they realise it is only affordable if you have a good salary. In reality ‘affordable housing’ is only marginally cheaper than standard rental prices and only a certain type of person can benefit from this. So the only other alternatives are as follows: Live with your parents / family / wealthy friends: this is not a viable for a lot of people and is highly restrictive for obvious reasons. Squat empty buildings: this option is highly risky, dangerous and the standard of living is on a par with living in a shanty town in many cases. Dangerous electrical installations, poor sanitation, no heating and potentially contaminated water supplies are hardly conducive for a healthy lifestyle. Property Guardianship: this option would be the more attractive of the three alternatives to ‘affordable accommodation’ mainly because the buildings are brought up to a habitable standard, prices are well below the market accommodation costs, and the arrangements are flexible, with close management from the Guardian Management team. Global Guardians Management has introduced a lot of developments in the property guardianship model that does make it a very attractive option for young professionals. Under no other scheme would you be able to live in central London for £300-£400 a month. Under no other scheme would you be able to live in a 2 bedroom flat overlooking the Thames for £450 per month. Under no other scheme would you be able to move from property to property at your request to areas that suit you without a long waiting list . As we grow the amount of properties under our management increases, and we have more revenue to put back into the properties to bring them up to a better condition. This is why we are seeing more and more working professionals becoming propertyguardians. People want to take advantage of the benefits and they want to help the local neighbourhood. So if you own or manage vacant properties, rather than boarding them up, why not contactGlobal Guardians Management so we can place our property guardians to live in them and protect them from anti-social behaviour and dereliction? You can receive free-of-charge security and you can help young professionals find truly affordable accommodation. Perhaps you have a son or daughter or a friend who could benefit from our property guardianship service? By allowing us to manage your property you could benefit people close to you. If you have an empty property you would like us to protect for you please contact: Stuart Woolgar Tel: 02083700286

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