What is an Ideal Guardian?

Posted on April 9, 2022.

Since Guardianship differs from a regular tenancy, it’s important that we ensure our Guardians are the right kind of people.


Guardianship is a flexible living solution first of all, so an ideal guardian is someone who understands that the notice period is 28 days. We aim to rehouse as many guardians as we can should they be served notice, but we will only rehouse ideal guardians who are proactive in their approach to receiving an NTQ.


If you receive an NTQ and aren’t sure what to do, we first recommend looking at our website and figuring out if there are any properties you would like to move to. See if there are any viewings available and book onto as many as you like. If you aren’t sure about anything or if there aren’t any viewings available, give us a call and we’ll try our best to help. We re-vet guardians when they move to ensure they still meet our criteria, so that's something to be aware of when looking for a new property.


If you’re a new guardian or are looking to become one, we ask that you be able to use our My Globe system and upload documents once you’ve booked onto a viewing. If you decide to take a property, we need you to be proactive and organise a date to pick up keys and sign your agreement as soon as you can. We aim to place guardians within 5 working days.


An ideal guardian is also someone who, when living in a property, raises maintenance tickets when appropriate and keeps up to date with ticket notes and the processes that need to be followed. You should understand that whilst we aim to give you notice should a contractor be visiting the property you reside in, it isn’t always possible and it’s unlikely we’ll be able to give you a specific time.


We also ask that our guardians answer any calls or emails sent to them that require a reply. Sometimes we’ll call you up just to see how everything is within the property and how you are, other times it may be a more serious call regarding a maintenance issue. Our guardian liaison team will always aim to be as helpful as they can and we expect ideal guardians to be polite and understanding in all situations. Our team will not tolerate abuse from guardians and if we see that this is a continuous behaviour, we will serve an NTQ.


We carry out monthly inspections of our properties and an ideal guardian will be adhering to the rules at all times. This means ensuring the space is clean, that doors and emergency exits are accessible at all times, and not carrying out anti-social behaviour within the property or towards other guardians. There’s a full list of rules within your license agreement if you’re ever unsure whether you’re adhering to the terms.


If you aren’t sure whether you can handle moving around a lot or changing living spaces should a building be handed back to the client, it’s likely that guardianship isn’t for you. Since the properties are previously vacant, it’s also likely they aren’t going to be in perfect condition which is why we require a viewing before you move in. You can certainly make a space your own with décor, but due to asbestos, you can’t make big changes and an ideal guardian would understand and make the best of the situation. We do our best to keep our guardians in safe hands by following a strict criteria and ensuring standards are met.


Guardianship is a unique way of life and it certainly isn’t for everyone. If you think you would be an ideal guardian and are looking for a cheaper alternative to renting, please take a look through our website and register with us here.


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