What is the BS 8584:2015?

Posted on January 18, 2018.

BS 8584:2015 is the British Standard for Vacant Property Protection. It was created by the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) in 2015 and

sets out the best code of practice for all vacant property protection methods including CCTV, security boarding and property guardianship. 

Stuart Woolgar,CEO of Global Guardians Management (GGM), was integral to the development of this code of practice. It was created by a group of security professionals to help eradicate criminal activity that swarms vacant properties and prevent damage, injuries or in worst cases, death.

The code of conduct covers the minimum standards that all Guardian companies should adhere to; it also explains basic terminology such as what a property guardian is, which types of properties can be secured and what should be expected when a property is vacated.

The code also states that each of the following points should be followed for minimum standards to be met by a Guardian company:

  • Vetting guardians
  • Fire safety 
  • Adequate facility provision
  • Water Management
  • Induction
  • Property Guardian Conduct
  • Property Inspection & Compliance
  • Actions at the end of protection


It is imperative that the British standard is followed to a high standard and not just the minimum standard as required.


GGM has identified hundreds of vacant buildings not fit for purposesince its foundation in 2011. Our extensive knowledge and experience in the vacant property protection industry has allowed us to protect these properties and place us at the forefront of ensuring compliance and maintaining standards in accordance with BS8584.

Stuart is currently involved in leading the creation of a regulatory body for the property guardianship industry in partnership with the Greater London Authority (GLA), BSIA, Environmental Health Group, London Fire Brigade and Sian Berry, Leader of the Green Party. Although in its the early stages, formation is set to move swiftly as regulation is considered essential for the guardianship industry to continue to develop.

GGM strives to deliver exceptional service to ensure that vulnerable properties are not misused or unprotected and our property guardians are satisfied living within our managed properties.

We believe that if all providers across the industry shared our ethos, then more properties would be safe to live in and less guardians would be at risk. With our approach, the guardianship industry can be shown in an accurate light, as a proactive, secure and socially ethical solution.

To find out more about BS 58584, our involvement and how we do what we do, please visit our website: or contact us on 0203 818 9101.


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