Stuart Woolgar talks about Compliance in our latest Special Report

Posted on July 13, 2018.

Global Guardians CEO, Stuart Woolgar, has released a new special report on the Open Access Government website.

The report focuses on the importance of compliance in the Guardianship Industry as it is currently using  the ISO 9000 series of international standard. Today, ISO 9001 is the world's most successful standard and is used in 178 countries across the world.

To see all of our accreditations you can visit our accreditation page here, where all our accreditations are explained in full to demonstrate how we operate here at Global Guardians.

Global Guardians are Guardianship industry experts, we want to ensure all of those who use our services along with those who are interested in us, that we practise and value quality over quantity in all that we do.

Our services are thorough and we aim to deliver the best service possible, take a look at the below case study for an example of how we have helped our clients.


Case study

A five-storey office building in Camden, London, had been vacated by staff from the local NHS Trust. Consequently, the trust started to experience issues with squatters who broke into the property on several occasions.

Global Guardians Management attended the site within hours of being called out and following urgent checks on the building, had vetted guardians move in straight away. This immediately prevented squatters from returning and deterred further anti-social behaviour for the 18 months they protected the property until it was handed back to new tenants.

Due to the property guardians living in the building, the trust saved over £50,000 on empty building rates and some £120,000 on security costs.

These savings enabled them to spend their budget on functional properties for nurses and medical equipment, rather than on protecting a surplus building through costly traditional security methods which had not been working.

“Compliance to standards, regulations and ethical practices is critical as a demonstration to its publics that an organisation is conducting itself correctly. These standards and regulations, particularly where they relate to health and safety, literally do save people’s lives and should never be dismissed as petty or irrelevant”

Read the full special report here.

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