Six essential health and safety assessments for pre-Guardian occupation

Posted on January 27, 2021.

property inspector conducting an assessment - Vacant property services

Before any of our properties are advertised, it is essential that six key assessments are carried out in order to meet safety standards. All assessments are completed by our Avetta approved contractors. If any test fails to meet the regulatory, industry standards, our contractors will carry out all necessary remedial works prior to Guardian occupation. 

Assessments to be completed: 

  • Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) - Investigating the property to ensure it has appropriate, easy access and visible emergency exits, evacuation routes and informative signage. It also checks to make sure that there is fire safety equipment readily available in case of an emergency. 
  • NIC Assessment - all electrical wiring is tested in the property to ensure it is safe, preventing it from becoming a fire hazard. Reporting ensures that plug sockets are not overloaded and that electrical safety circuits are activated. 
  • Gas Safety Check - inspection of pipework and gas outlets to ensure there is no sign of a potential gas leak.
  • Asbestos Risk Assessment - particularly for older properties, it is common that asbestos was used within the construction of the building, being ingrained into walls, with the purpose of insulating the property. Location of asbestos needs to be registered and reported to develop a plan that determines if the asbestos is manageable, therefore, indicating if the property is safe to live in. 
  • Legionella Risk Assessment - this is an incredibly harmful bacteria that can cause health conditions if it gets inhaled. All water systems need to be checked to ensure they are free from Legionella bacteria. 
  • General Safety Assessment - checking the strength of flat roofs in case water has caused them to weaken over time, ensuring handrails are installed on stairs, smoke alarms have working batteries in place, etc.

We have a comprehensive safety plan in place following the advice given by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) concerning the careful management of buildings. You can trust that all of our available spaces have been critically assessed against these criteria. 


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