A Step by Step Guide to Securing Your Vacant Property with Global Guardians

Posted on February 26, 2022.

Step 1:

 The first step in the process starts with you, as someone who manages or owns a vacant property. You may come across our website or hear about the work we do from others in the industry and want to learn more about Guardianship and Global Guardians. We implore you to take a look around our website and perhaps read some case studies about properties we’ve secured before.


Step 2:

If you think it’s the kind of security solution you’re looking for, you can request a call back HERE and our client Liaison will be in contact to organise a no obligations chat about Global Guardians and how we can help you.


Step 3:

During the meeting, our Client Liaison will brief you on Global Guardians, our culture and our values as well as our CRM system My Globe, which is fully inclusive and will allow you to manage your properties with ease. When you fully understand what Guardianship is, and you like the idea of securing your property with us, we can proceed to the next step.


Step 4:

Our Client Liaison will organise an initial inspection with you and come to view the property. This step ensures we can make the space liveable for our Guardians, can carry out any necessary repairs and allows us to figure out how many rooms we can use within the property. Our Client Liaison will take photographs during their walkthrough and take notes about specific areas that require maintenance and where we can situate things like kitchens and bathrooms.


Step 5:

Our Client Liaison will use this information to create a proposal tailored to your building. This includes all of the information garnered from the initial inspection as well as the amount of time we’re likely to have the building for. This can depend on whether you have plans to demolish or redevelop and if the time passes, the contract can continue beyond that for as long as you require.


Step 6:

This proposal will then be sent through to you and you’re free to query any sections or request for changes to be made. At the end of the day, the proposal has to work for both you as the property manager and us as a Guardianship company so negotiation is key.


Step 7:

Once everyone is happy with the proposal and it has been signed, we can move ahead with the fit out. The fit out is where we fix any maintenance or general wear that has come with the property being empty, as well as ensure the living space is safe for us to move Guardians in.


Step 8:

We photograph the property and upload the images onto our website to advertise it. Our properties move pretty quickly once they’re online and we start viewings straight away. Guardians will then send their documents to us and we’ll find the best person to live in and protect the property.


Step 9:

The Guardian will pick up the keys, sign their license agreement and move in straight away. This ensures the property isn’t left empty for any large amount of time. Once the Guardian moves in, they can raise any maintenance tickets going forward and we will ensure the building remains in good condition.


Step 10:

 Once you’re plans have gone through or the time has come to demolish or repurpose the building, we ask for 30 days to notify the Guardians and help them find elsewhere to live. The property will then be handed back to you and the agreement comes to an end.

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