How To Register with Global Guardians and Book a Viewing

Posted on March 19, 2022.

In order to start your journey with Global Guardians, you first have to register with us and set up an account.


It can be a little confusing if you’re new to our system so we hope this helpful guide will make it a much easier experience.


The first thing you need to do is follow THIS LINK. A form will open up asking for your details and it is paramount that you fill out as much of it as you can, this lets us get to know you better, and will mean you won’t have to go back later and add more detail. Please upload a passport style photo as well so that when you attend a viewing, we recognise you.


Once you’ve registered, you’ll see your My Globe portal. Here you can view available properties, register your interest to be notified about viewings on properties you like, or book onto a viewing using the request a viewing button.


We notice that often times people aren’t sure whether they’ve booked a viewing or not, so we’re here to provide clarity and assistance where we can.


If you see this button:


Then a viewing is available and once you click on it, you will receive an email with the details including the full address and time.



However, if you see this button:

Then there isn’t a viewing booked currently. Clicking on it will mean an email will be sent to you once a viewing is available.


Once you’ve booked onto a viewing, you will notice your My Globe portal looks a little different. That’s because it’s at this point, you’ll need to upload your documents to be vetted by our team. We’re very stringent with our criteria because we want to make sure we have the best Guardians who will look after our property.



In order to pass vetting, you’ll need to ensure you upload 3 of your most recent payslips, 3 of your most recent bank statements, an employment reference that includes your full name, the amount you earn and a company letterhead, as well as a clear photo of your passport.


Please note that if you have at any point in your 3 most recent bank statements been in your overdraft, you will not pass vetting.


You also have to make sure you earn over 18k before tax, won’t live with anyone under the age of 21 or any pets. We have these rules to keep both the properties and our Guardians safe, as the Guardianship model is not suitable for children or pets.


Once all of your documents are ready and uploaded, attend your viewing and let the viewings officer know that you’re interested in the property. They’ll vet your documents within five working days and let you know whether or not you’ve passed.


We aim to move people in within five working days as well so be prepared to come and pick up your keys, sign your license agreement and start your Guardian experience.

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