Protecting Your Property From Squatters

Posted on January 2, 2020.

When you leave a property vacant for long periods of time, it naturally becomes more of a targetr to burglars and squatters. 


The costs involved with damage repairs and legal evictions will soon add up, leaving you with a lot of unnecessary financial stress to deal with.


With this in mind, it is important to protect your property in order to prevent squatters or burglars from trying their luck. Within this guide, we will take you through the best preventative measures that will help secure your vacant property and gain back peace of mind.


What is a squatter?


Also known as a trespasser, a squatter is a person who resides in a property without any legal right. Squatters tend to enter a property without permission and stay there until they either move on or get caught.

Squatting in a property without permission is both illegal and dangerous. If you fear that squatters are already in your vacant property, take legal action straight away.


How to secure your empty property and prevent squatters


There are many things that you can do to secure your empty property and prevent squatters from living there. We have put together 5 of the best tips for doing so; all as to which are cost-efficient and proven to work.

1. Visit the empty property

If you live nearby to the empty property, visit it as often as you can. When visiting your property, give it some TLC in order to give the illusion that someone is living there. Clear up piles of letters and maintain the garden if it has overgrown; these are the two main tell-tale signs of a vacant property.


2. Consider property guardianship

If owning a vacant property is causing more stress than it’s worth, then why not consider our property guardianship scheme? Property guardianship involves allowing  ‘guardians’ to reside in your property for a small fee. These live-in guardians will maintain your property and keep it both safe and secure. Working with them is one of the most effective ways to prevent squatters.

Here at Global Guardians, we offer cost-effective vacant property security solutions for both commercial and residential buildings. You can find more information on applying as a property owner here.

3. Install alarms and CCTV systems

Technology is so advanced nowadays that even the slightest movement can alert an alarming system. Installing a high-quality alarm and CCTV system in your unoccupied property will be sure to prevent squatters from entering. Just one look at a CCTV camera will be enough to scare them away.


4. Put steel fittings on windows


Squatters can easily enter a property when the windows and doors are weak. To prevent this from happening, upgrade all windows and doors with steel fittings. These steel fittings will make it near impossible for unarmed break-ins to occur; immediately deterring squatters away.


5. Have a word with the neighbours

If your vacant property is situated near other residential buildings, then it’s beneficial to build up a trusting relationship with neighbours. While you can’t expect neighbours to act as your security team, you can ask them to keep an eye on the property while you aren’t there. They can give you a call if they notice any suspicious activity, allowing you to deal with the situation in a timely matter.

Need some help protecting your property from squatters?


These 5 preventative measures will play a huge role in protecting your property from squatters.


If you would like more information on the most effective ways to protect your property, get in touch with us today. Our property guardianship scheme is perfect for vacant property owners who are in need of a trusted security system, without the ridiculous cost!



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