Our Vacant Property Security Solution

Posted on December 16, 2021.

If you understand anything about what we do at Global Guardians, you understand that at the top of our list of priorities is being able to offer our clients peace of mind and our Guardians somewhere affordable and safe to live.


This, and the rising housing crisis, is what our CEO Stuart Woolgar discusses with Business Reporter’s Ashley Blake in a video interview you can watch below.


With the housing crisis reaching critical levels and with over 400,000 empty properties in London alone, what Global Guardians does is important. Our values are clear and present in every decision we make, which means we can provide safe hands for our clients and for our Guardians as well.


What sets us apart from our competitors is our brand values and our ethics.  As well as that, it’s our commitment to repurposing empty properties that makes us the industry leaders in providing security for void properties.


We understand how stressful it can be to own a vacant property when most security solutions are only temporary or are fallible. As well as that, vacant property insurance is expensive and even the highest level of coverage doesn’t offer a solution to the real problem. Property Guardians do and that’s why what we do is so important.


We provide housing opportunities for key workers and professionals as well as a way to secure a building that would otherwise incur damage, anti-social behaviour and would have an overall negative image within the community. Everyone who works with Global Guardians is fully vetted to insure they represent us and our values just as much as we do, and it also means we can ensure the people living in and taking care of our properties understand the responsibility and take it seriously.


If you have a vacant property causing you stress that you’d like us to help you look after, feel free to read THIS in depth article about what we do and have a watch of our CEO's conversation with Business Reporters Ashley Blake.



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