It is National Empty Homes Week... But what does that mean?

Posted on February 18, 2021.

There are over 268,000 empty homes in England alone. Having surged by 40,000 since 2019. An unpalatable increase of 15%.

national empty homes week - vacant property services

National Empty Homes Week is an annual campaign led by Action Empty Homes to raise awareness of the extortionate number of buildings that are being unused and left without purpose, year on year in the UK. 

The charity aims to encourage positive change to national policies, especially given that there is an alarming amount of people on the waiting list for Temporary Accommodation in the UK a list which has reached “new heights and which is still due to rise. COVID-19 has not helped the situation, however, it is necessary to state that the number of empty properties has increased for the last four years in a row, demonstrating that numerous properties are being wasted whilst the country still faces an ever-growing homelessness crisis.


Empty property homes week - vacant property services

[Image credit: Action Empty Homes]


Over 3000 people have been assisted by our Property Guardianship service, being provided access to affordable housing. Our Global Guardians have been successfully placed within our repurposed properties, being able to afford their own living spaces and avoiding the long wait for public housing. This solution not only makes good use of otherwise empty properties but also reduces the housing need stress on local councils.

Property Owners have also benefitted from our intelligent and sustainable property management and empty property security to ensure the value of their buildings is maintained. The reduced costs on security that we provide, saves the public sector around £30m per year, money that can then be better spent in renovating and repurposing some of their empty homes stock. 

The progressive nature of our business ensures innovative thinking, creating solutions to some of these types of large social and economic problems faced by our country today.

Let’s help make a change together. Do you own or know anyone who owns, an unoccupied property? 


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