Meet our Guardians // Nina

Posted on January 27, 2021.

Meet Nina
We are pleased to have had Nina on board with us, as a Global Guardian, for just over 2 years. Nina lives with 1 other fellow Guardian and they have both assisted in securing one of our vacant, Tottenham properties.
Their opposing work rotas work well to ensure the property is secure at all times. One works in the evenings and the other works in the day!


Her profession & why Nina loves what she does
Nina has a wealth of knowledge from her strong work background. She has worked in various roles and places including Tate Britain London, BP headquarters and more. Nina has over 10 years of security experience, which she puts to use in her current role, working in security at King's College.
There is a common theme that drives Nina’s passions and her love of security makes her an ideal Global Guardian. A massive thumbs up from us yes


The things we are most likely to find Nina doing in her spare time, are...
Nina is a very creative individual, entertained by the practical arts and experimentation. If she is not cooking her favourite dishes then you can expect to find her gardening.
The property Nina protects also has non-guardian residents living in it but still takes it upon herself to ensure the front garden always looks presentable. Gardening is something she thoroughly enjoys, making it a winning situation for herself and those who get to benefit from the gratifying entrance they return home to after a long day's work.
Nina also sustains an eager interest and passion for painting and drawing. She is a trained artist who has a particularly keen eye for life drawings, having commissioned animal portraits in the past (see below).

Here’s what our Property Guardian likes most about Guardianship living…
Nina describes Guardianship living as “a lifesaver” and as a “fantastic opportunity”.

She appreciates that Guardianship living enables her to reside in London at a reasonable rate. Due to London’s extortionate prices, she thought she’d have to move away, be she really didn’t want to, and that’s where Guardianship proved to be her saviour.

Now, Nina is able to enjoy her well-earnt wages and is not working just to get by. All in all, Property Guardianship has given Nina “security” and given her “a bit of a life” as she is able to stretch her money that bit further, due to the cheaper accommodation fees.
Additional factors Nina likes about Guardianship living is that it gives her flexibility. Nina also has a close relationship with the Global Guardians team, valuing our “friendly and human approach”.
Nina’s favourite property & why…

Having been fortunate to stay in the same living space for over 2 years, this has been Nina’s favourite and she has a lot of great things to say about it...
Nina appreciates the maturity of her fellow Guardian, and they are both very respectful of one another. They maintain a balance of being kind and supportive, while also respecting each other’s privacy.


Types of people Nina feels would benefit from Guardianship…
Someone that is able to live flexibly and adaptable.

Property Guardian advice from a current Property Guardian…
“If you are thinking of living with multiple other Guardians, if you have the chance, speak to them on your viewings to see if they are the type of people you can see yourself getting on with”.
“Understand that you can be given 4 weeks’ notice at any point”.
A tip for a Guardian looking to embrace their Property Guardianship experience would be to have a healthy balanced work and life regime.



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