Meet our Guardians // Joelma & Murat

Posted on February 3, 2021.

Property Guardians Joelma & Murat selfie on a field


Joelma and her partner, Murat, are Global Guardians who secure one of our Kingston upon Thames properties. They have been benefiting from Guardianship living for close to a year and a half and have helped us in securing two vacant properties so far. 


Their profession & why they love what they do...
Both Joelma and Murat are key workers. Joelma works in a distribution warehouse, while Murat works for the Royal Mail - Thank you both for your hard work and dedication. Without you, all of those home delivered goods, that are helping to keep people happy and entertained, would not be possible! 

They both love that they work in such fast-paced environments (especially now) and that they are always discovering new things.


The things we are most likely to find our Kingston Guardians doing in their spare time.
Joelma is all about self-improvement, always looking for ways to expand her knowledge and improve her mindset. She loves to study and has a passion for books, often learning new things and delving into new perspectives. If she doesn’t have her head in a book, then it’s likely we’d find Joelma meeting her friends, going to church, taking a long stroll through the park to absorb the views or working out as she “loves her exercise”.

Murat on the other hand is more of a quiet person. He is much more reserved and enjoys the comfort of his home. 


Here’s what our Property Guardians like most about Guardianship living…
“Global Guardians gives us the opportunity to pay less money while, at the same time, having privacy”. Privacy is highly valued by Joelma and Murat. Their ideal living situation is getting home to a peaceful environment after a long day's work and this is exactly what they get with their Guardian living space.

At Global Guardians we offer a variety of property types to suit the wants and needs of different people. Guardians can help us by occupying and protecting houses, flats, churches and schools, which are just some of the types of properties we are entrusted to protect.


Joelma & Murat’s favourite property & why…
They are both extremely happy with their current property. They like that they live in a private house that offers them a high level of privacy and has a lot more internal space to enjoy. Location is another key factor for Joelma and Murat. 

“I’m really grateful to Global Guardians for my living space” - Joelma.


Types of people our Guardians feel would benefit from Guardianship…
Anyone that is able to be a responsible Guardian and understands they have a duty of protecting their living space.

Their Property Guardian advice…

Tip 1 – “Understand how Global Guardians works and the differences between Guardianship and being a tenant.” 

Tip 2 – “If you choose to live in a shared property, try to get a sense of the household to know that you’ll fit in.”

Tip 3 – “Be patient when property searching to make sure your location expectations are met. Global Guardians have so many properties in and around the city so it is worth regularly checking the different living spaces over a few months until you find one you love.”


You could also enjoy Property Guardianship living!


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