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Posted on November 9, 2017.


Date: 18th October 2017

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Speaking at MIPIM this week, which coincides with Empty Homes Week, Stuart Woolgar of Global Guardians commented:


“Latest Government data suggests there are over 200,000 long-term empty homes nationwide, nearly 20,000 of these are in London, and that doesn’t take into account the countless commercial buildings that are lying vacant and derelict. Some estimates suggest there are a total of 1.5m empty properties spread across the country. It really is unbelievable that these buildings are sitting empty when they could provide homes for people with a little thought and planning…. not to mention generate income for the owners and save them ££ in expenditure. Everyone wins if ourproperty guardian solution became the norm. It’s not an answer for everyone, but it works for many and is a viable proposition in the crisis that is our current lack of affordable housing for a whole section of society.”


Stuart has become the standard bearer to campaign for better regulation of his industry and as a senior director of the leading guardian company in London, has been liaising with the GLA - on behalf of all guardian companies and the British Security Industry Association (BSIA).Stuart has the backing of the Housing Committee of the London Assembly under the chair of Sian Berry for his efforts. He recently gave evidence at London’s City Hall, on behalf of both guardian companies and the Vacant Property Section of the BSIA, to an investigation the GLA Housing Committee are carrying out into the role property guardianship could have in the capital as a means of supplying more affordable homes; he spoke passionately to the Committee about his crusade to raise standards across his industry and make more people aware of the benefits of guardianship, both property owners and people looking for low cost accommodation.


Just a couple of weeks ago in her Conference speech, the Prime Minister admitted that housing policies over the past 30 or 40 years have led to ‘a disaster for young people in particular’. Theresa May’s subsequent announcement of a £2bn fund – which the Conservatives suggested could deliver ‘around 25,000 homes for social rent’ – means all the main political parties in England are now committed to increasing the delivery of homes at affordable rents for the first time in more than a decade.  Stuart concluded “Until this actually starts to become reality, property guardianship through ethical companies such as Global Guardians is drawing more and more attention as one solution, and the spotlight is now falling on hitherto invisible landlords and property owners to consider this option and put the thousands of empty properties lying idle to productive use.”




Notes to Editors:


Global Guardians Management Ltd was founded in June 2011 in order to provide owners of vacant properties with a cost-effective security solution through property guardian protection.  The company originated as a standalone organisation in conjunction with its sister company, a well-established building health and safety management business.


Global Guardians are now the market leader in the property guardian sector and have around 1,500 property guardians, look after c. £4bn worth of property and have 50% of the guardian market in London.


Their clients include local authorities, the NHS, housing associations, charities and SME and FTSE 250 property developers, investors and agents. Their buildings range from one bedroom flats, detached houses and tower blocks to empty school buildings, churches, university campuses and industrial units and many other different types of buildings waiting to be developed, refurbished or sold.


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