Living space of the month winner - January 2017

Posted on January 24, 2018.

This property has not been designed to look like your every day living space! He has really gone that extra mile to design their living space into a fantastic quirky living space.

We would like to congratulate this months living space of the month winner - HAIDEN MEDINA - occupying our space in Willesden - Walm Lane! 

Haiden commented: "I love being a Guardian as the kind of spaces you can live in are so unusual compared to the general rental market. The space I live in now is over 120 years old and had been used most recently as a social and meeting space. Its quite Gothic and medieval with an arched high ceiling, huge windows front and back and a stage with still working stage lights. I have a few very big pieces of furniture with a similar Gothic feel, and my partner (who is a designer and artist) decorated frames and mannequins, mostly acquired from freecycle, and these were all combined to continue the medieval theme but adding a touch of pop-art"

Before:                                 After: 

The fact that this building is over 120 years old makes this medieval look even more interesting! 

Guardianship is a great to save money and enables you to express yourself by revamping empty buildings to your very own unique taste whilst doing the good for the community by preventing anti social behaviour by securing vacant properties. Doesn't sound too bad right!

If you are a guardian with us and are looking to enter this competition to show off your space then please send your living space

If you are a guardian with Global Guardians and are looking to enter our regular monthly competition to show off your accommodation, then please send your images and a short description of your living space to

For new guardians who are are unsure about our living Space of the month awards, please see below:

Every month our guardians send us images of their living space and how they've transformed it into their own unique area using creativity, innovation and imagination.

After viewing these fascinating entries and comparing the pictures to how the property looked when it was first taken on, we then choose a worthy winner for that month.

We let the Guardian know that they’ve won Living Space of the Month and award them with a £50 gift voucher which can be spent in a wide range of stores.

Please Note: Whilst Global commend you for creating a vastly improved living space, you are reminded that you occupy it on a 28 day non-exclusive licence. Therefore, any time or money you spend on improving the property will only benefit you for the period of your actual occupation which  always remains uncertain and may be terminated with 28 days’ notice, at the sole discretion of Global Guardians.

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