How to Stay Safe from Burglars

Posted on March 26, 2022.

As a company that specialises in securing properties, we know a lot about staying safe from all eventualities, including burglary.


Recently we came across an article about marks being left on buildings by thieves to signify if a property is worth targeting or not. We live in a sometimes-frightening world, especially in a big city where it can be hard to feel secure. We also know what it’s like to have a vacant property you’re trying to protect from things like thief’s and squatters, so we have a few tips on staying safe and what to do if your property is broken into.


The first thing you should do is be proactive. Protect your property before anything can happen to it, whether that’s by installing something like a ring doorbell which is an affordable solution, or paying for a security solution.


The best deterrent for thieves is often a visible alarm system. If they can see that they’re likely to be caught or have their presence known as soon as they attempt to break in.


Another viable solution is to have floodlights and trimmed hedges. Floodlights will show a thief’s identity and low hedges will mean there will be nowhere for them to hide. Any security that will give them nowhere to hide is a great choice.


You should also consider regularly checking locks to ensure they’re working correctly and also ensure the deadbolt functions completely, as if it is even slightly loose, it can be easily pried open using a credit card.


Another option is to try and make a property look lived in so thieves are deterred from breaking in. This is personally why we think Guardianship works in situations like this, as the property is never vacant and has someone looking after it. It ensures that the building doesn’t look vacant and will generally have cars parked out front and lights on to signify someone is present.


Of course there’s no definite way to avoid a thief breaking in, but there are also steps you can take once you know you’ve been burgled to make sure the criminal is caught.


This includes:


  • Trying not to touch anything within the property and immediately calling the police. That way no fingerprints will be lost and evidence can be gathered quickly. Disturbing evidence can hinder the investigation.


  • Don’t step further into the property as you could distort shoe prints that can help them identify the culprit. If the thief has been caught before or a similar break in has occurred nearby, there may be existing evidence for it to be compared to.


  • If you have an alarm system or a video doorbell, review the footage straight away as it’s likely the culprit is still nearby and can be found. Show the attending officers and be as co-operative as possible.


  • Write a list of what you believe was stolen, if anything. If you have no valuables within a property and a break in has still occurred, this could be a sign that someone is looking to squat in the property so further measures to avoid this would need to be taken.


If you’re looking to secure your vacant property or want to find out about one of the smartest security systems in the industry, head here to learn more.

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