Guardian Criteria - Refer a Friend

Posted on January 18, 2022.

Guardian Criteria – Refer a Friend



Our criteria to become a Guardian might seem confusing at first glance, and you might want to refer us to a friend but aren’t sure what the requirements are. So, let’s break down our criteria, why it exists and how you can refer a friend to become a Guardian with us.


What is our Criteria?


It’s simple when broken down. In order to be a Guardian with us, you have to be over 21 years old, in full-time employment (or self-employed) and earning 18k or over per year. We ask for you to prove this once you’ve viewed a property and are interested in moving in by uploading documents to your My Globe portal for us to assess. If you can upload your documents prior to your viewing, even better as our properties go on a first come first serve basis! We need to see 3 months previous bank statements, 3 months previous pay slips, A scanned copy of your passport and/or residency card and an employer’s reference.


Due to the nature of being a Guardian, we need responsible individuals who are happy to live a flexible lifestyle. Our notice period for vacating a property is 28 days, so if you’re not sure that works for you, then Guardianship might not be a viable option. We also look after these buildings, so being responsible and understanding of the existing community and respectful of the property itself is key.


It’s also important to understand the differences between property Guardianship and tenancy. Property Guardianship operates on a monthly rolling license and has a notice period of only 28 days as previously mentioned. The rights for Guardians and tenants differ, so it’s important to understand the difference and do your own research before deciding to be a Guardian. There is a wealth of unbiased and easy to understand information on the differences between Guardianship and a tenancy available, you can find a comprehensive understanding here: .GOV


Since Guardianship is different, so is our timeline. Once you’ve passed our vetting process and have been contacted, you’ll need to be prepared to move within 5 working days of viewing the property. We move quickly so our buildings stay protected.


There are of course some reasons a person might not be suitable for Guardianship. If they’re under 21 years old or have dependants under 21 years old or have pets, unfortunately they cannot become a Guardian with us.


As well as that, they can’t be in part-time employment, on a zero-hour contract or be receiving financial support from the government as we can’t guarantee that this is a consistent income.


Why do we have the criteria?


Our criteria exists so that we can ensure our Guardians are in safe hands and that they will look after the properties our clients have entrusted us with. We also have to know we can trust our Guardians and that they believe in our values.


The criteria also reflects our values as a company and helps us to maintain a high standard. Our values are Humble, Hungry, People Smart, Safe Hands, Progressive and Inclusive. If you follow us on social media, you’ve probably heard us talking about these values many times. They’re what separate us from other Guardianship companies and how we make any decisions.


So naturally, these also inform our vetting process and the Guardians that we work with. It’s Progressive as the parameters set are simple and allow us to progress Guardians through the process until they’re placed. Inclusive as Guardians understand everything about the process and the criteria they need to meet. Safe Hands because it sets out a process that allows us to ensure our Guardians are a good fit, that they will look after our properties and will be kind to the existing community. Hungry because we’re seeking out the best Guardians to be placed into our properties. Humble because without humility, we wouldn’t be able to stick to the criteria and might end up with problematic Guardians. And finally, People Smart because without an understanding of all different kinds of people, we wouldn’t be able to set the criteria in the first place.


How can you refer a friend?


Well, if you think your friend would fit our requirements then you’re already halfway there by having visited our website. Simply send them a link and guide them to the register button in the top right corner. Once they register, they’ll be able to book on to viewings via their My Globe portal and upload the required documents so our team can vet them. Hopefully the process of becoming one of our Guardians makes a lot more sense now and we can encourage you to sign up or refer a friend to join us.

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