Global Guardians Wins a Major Legal Victory

Posted on December 12, 2021.

As part of our promise to keep you in Safe Hands, Global Guardians is pleased to share a ground-breaking moment in the history of guardianship with you.

Due to a landmark win by Global Guardians in the Court of Appeal, there is no longer any legal defence for guardians who choose to break their licence agreement by claiming that they are really tenants rather than licensees, and not move out when a NTQ (Notice to Quit) is issued by Global Guardians.


What does this mean?

- We are the first guardianship company in the UK to have had its licence agreement and property protection proposal tested and validated in the Court of Appeal.

- You are in Safe Hands with Global Guardians. When you’re ready to take your building back, we have a robust, industry leading process in place.

- As our Client, you deserve the best guardians. Good guardians who follow rules and live peacefully within the community.

- Guardians who choose to breach their licence agreement will be served a NTQ (Notice To Quit).

- Upon being served a NTQ (Notice to Quit), if the individual chooses to remain, then an eviction notice will be served and all costs associated will become the responsibility of that individual.


The Court of Appeal decision

The Court of Appeal was satisfied that Global's licence agreement was not a disguised lease agreement, and that the guardians’ occupancy was an essential part of their provision of guardian services at the property. 

The Court’s decision effectively validates Global Guardians business model of using licence agreements for its guardians’ occupancy, and defeated claims by former property guardians that their occupancy was in reality a tenancy, rather than a licence. This unanimous decision by the Court of Appeal consolidates Global Guardians position as the leading provider of guardian-based property protection services.


The win 

"In my 40 years as a lawyer, I have never seen such a decisive judicial validation of the client’s business model. This is a truly spectacular result, and a true vindication of Global’s vision for the guardianship model!" - Global Guardians Lawyer


Moving forward

As the leading guardianship security provider in the UK, we thank you for your continuing loyalty and for using the Global Guardians security solution.

If you have a vacant property in your portfolio and need a proactive solution today, or you have a question relating to this announcement, get in touch with our team 020 3818 9100.


We hope you feel proud to hear this news and we promise to deliver an exceptional service to you as we move into 2022.

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