Global Guardians Supporting CRASH

Posted on December 19, 2018.

Girl lying on a bed.

Global Guardians have supported CRASH charity since our beginnings in 2011. We have donated to CRASH year on year and have seen great improvements to the care they provide to homeless people across the country.

As we are a company who provides living space to property guardians to build their own local communities, CRASH is a charity close to our hearts.

At the moment, we only provide our living spaces to working people as we operate a security company in accordance with BS8584:2015. However, as we are an adaptable organisation, it does not mean we cannot start looking at ways of helping the homeless through our connections with FM providers and our ability to quickly turn around derelict properties into functioning properties. In 2019, we will be looking into developing our services to incorporate new areas that fall within our cultural values of being progressive, passionate, adaptable and inclusive.

Our CEO, Stuart Woolgar, spoke of our alignment with CRASH:

- We have donated to CRASH every year since our very beginnings because this is a charity, we all believe in. The support and care of homeless people needs to improve greatly and Global Guardians wishes to do more every year to help CRASH in this very important cause. We have restructured our organisation in 2018 in order to build stronger foundations to not only run our property guardian model more efficiently, but also allow us to do more charity work for causes we believe in. CRASH is one such cause and we will be reviewing our strategy in January in order to see how we can deliver more.

CRASH is a unique, practical charity that assists homelessness and hospice charities with construction related projects, creating places that care for people.

If you would like to support CRASH Charity and make a donation click here.

Thanks to CRASH we've got this season's greeting e-card.