8 tips for securing your vacant property

Posted on April 28, 2020.

For anyone who manages or owns vacant properties, it is imperative that a sound security system is utilised to protect the empty buildings from break-ins, arson attacks and squatting.


Global Guardians provides eight tips to help you protect vacant property:


  1. Ensure trees and shrubs are cut back and the grounds are maintained to give the appearance that the property has not just been left empty and uncared for. This will allow the property to be visible so potential intruders or vandals cannot hide their intentions.
  2. Install key locked windows and keep the windows locked at all times to prevent easy unauthorised access to the empty building.
  3. Install high quality locks on the external doors to prevent easy unauthorised access to the vacant property.
  4. Lock away any valuable items such as tools, equipment or personal items or remove them from the vacant site.
  5. Lock and secure any outbuildings and garages.
  6. Install blinds in the windows to prevent potential thieves or intruders from seeing inside the vacant property.
  7. Install a timed lighting system to activate inside and outside the property when there is no natural light at night time and early morning.
  8. Redirect post to another address to prevent build up inside the vacant property.


Although these eight tips to protect vacant property preserve the appearance of an occupied property, no security system is as cost-effective for protecting vacant properties than Global Guardians’ British Standard BS8584:2015 Protection by Occupation service.


We provide all of the above tips for protecting vacant property as a basic minimum standard and we substantially upgrade this by placing our professional property guardians into the vacant property to secure it from anti social behaviour, squatters and thieves.


It is a known fact, that by using Global Guardians, incidents of break-in attempts and vandalism drops to zero within less than two weeks. The vacant property is then secured until such time as a new use is required by the manager or owner of the empty building.


To secure your vacant property in the most cost-effective way please contact our vacant property security experts today on: 020 3818 9100 and select option 3. Global Guardians looks forward to helping you with your vacant property today.


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