Global Guardians Review of 2021

Posted on January 10, 2022.

Global Guardians Review of 2021


2021 saw Global Guardians continue to navigate through the pandemic and as we venture into 2022, we take a look back on the past year and all that we’ve achieved. In these unprecedented times, we’ve had to adapt and overcome a number of obstacles such as lockdowns, court proceedings, working from home as well as maintaining the highest level of service through staff shortages during this pandemic.

However, there are a number of positives to come out of the past year as well. Property Guardianship on a whole continues to increase it’s profile and we continue to be the industry leader in offering those services. Global Guardians has proved time and time again that we can innovate and improve as well as showcase all of the positives of Guardianship. This past year we talked a lot about the housing crisis, how Guardianship and the repurposing of disused buildings can ease one of the biggest issues facing the average person in the UK right now. We also discussed sustainability and how Guardianship promotes that by reusing properties that otherwise would have remained dormant for years to come.

For our Guardians, we understand that this past year has been tough. With the lockdown last January and an uncertain future for many, we’re glad we could offer help and guidance to those who reached out, including short breaks from license fees and an understanding where there were extenuating circumstances for some.

Moving forward, we want to continue to lead the industry with the work we do and offer the best in customer service and client service. We hope that 2022 is an excellent year for Global Guardians.

Here is a monthly breakdown of our biggest achievements this year.


January: Our Culture

One of our overarching goals for 2021 was to create and instill a winning culture within our office and our team. It’s something we’d tried to focus on previously, but with the pandemic, it was made more difficult. In 2021 however, we really instilled our culture into everything that we do. We used the psychological safety book to develop our team work. We started the year wanting ideal team players and have ended the year well on our way to having a team full of them. Our culture prioritises our values, safe hands, inclusive and progressive. For our team, that means being hungry, humble and people smart, all of which combined creates an ideal team player. What this does is create a working environment where conflict is addressed in a manner decided upon by the team themselves and where there are no barriers for them to surpass. We want to create a diverse and functional team who work together cohesively and feel comfortable venting concerns so problems can be dealt with in a healthy manner. We all participate in weekly ideal team player assessments which means if we see a team member struggling or slacking, we can hold each other accountable for the betterment of ourselves and for Global Guardians as a whole. 


February: Ideal Supplier Template 

We developed our ideal supplier template. This ensured our suppliers were committed and aligned to the culture that is being harnessed at Global Guardians. 


March: Cambridge Properties

This was a great way for us to expand our portfolio and provide housing outside of London and move our business and reach into other major areas of the UK.


April: Rebranding

In April, we launched our new branding across all Global Guardians platforms. This was a big update to our previous branding and is much more current and representative of us as a brand.


May: Awarded Silver in Investors in People

This was excellent news for us, especially in a year where our team and teamwork had become such a focus. We wanted to provide an inclusive and happy working environment, and this was one step in us achieving that goal.


June: 10 Year Anniversary

We celebrated 10 years of Global Guardians in June of 2021 and launched our brand new website. This allowed us to expand our reach and use our more functional platform to show off our range of properties.


July: Started Working with a New G15 Housing Association

Working with this G15 housing association was one of our highlights of the year. With their promise to solve the housing crisis aligning with our beliefs, it was a natural partnership.


August: Open Access Government – Two Page Editorial

This two page editorial was wonderful PR and showcased all that Global Guardians hopes to achieve, our beliefs, and our goals.


September: We worked on Recruiting New Team Members

In September, we recruited a number of new team members and welcomed them. These team members have consistently worked to become ideal team players and will help us grow in 2022.


October: Developer and Housebuilder Yearbook 2021

We were included in the developer and housebuilder yearbook in 2021 which is the industry bible for the housing and building sector in the UK. 


November: Homes UK

Last year, Global Guardians participated in Homes UK with our own booth. This was a wonderful event where we networked with a number of property owners, people in the property sector, and learnt about all of the innovations in the pipeline from other companies. This also gave us the opportunity to talk to potential clients about Guardianship and the benefits of protecting a void property with Guardians. One of the things we wanted to do at this event was raise the profile of not only Global Guardians but Guardianship as a whole and with our head of innovations, Lauren, hosting a talk and Q&A session on the knowledge stage, we believe we succeeded.


December: Legal Win and PR

In December of 2021, Global Guardians successfully won a court case that means our license agreement can be upheld in the highest court. Previously, the debate has continued about whether a license agreement is simply a disguised tenancy agreement, and whether that means Guardians have the same rights. This has caused issues, namely around the 28 day notice period that is unique to Guardianship. With this legal win, we can assure our clients that their properties will be handed back in due time, and safely answer any and all queries from our Guardians regarding the legality of the Guardianship model and our license agreement.


We also had some great PR in the form of a digital interview for Business Reporter that featured our CEO Stuart talking about Global Guardians and our work whilst floating in an air balloon. 


If you’d like to watch that interview, you can find it here.

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