Global Guardians Re-Brand

Posted on January 19, 2018.

Global Guardians is proud to announce that we have re-branded!

Our re-branding focuses on the company's "Guardian First" ethos:

"Guardian first means that even though we are a for profit organisation, we don’t forget why the company was formed in the first place. It means helping to provide affordable and unique living spaces for local working people so they can thrive in the hubs of industry, business and growth enabling them to save and better their futures. It means remembering that our guardians are people and they should be treated the same as we would expect to be treated as tenants or home owners. Their health and safety must always be of paramount importance and should never be overlooked or treated as ‘one more issue to resolve’ (as can be the case with other providers). Guardians should be treated as individuals and not just as ‘another source of income’. Guardian first also means always treating guardians with respect and understanding and giving them the opportunity to understand us an as organisation to make the mostof their experience with us."

- Lauren Boswell, Head of New Business at GGM


Here at Global Guardians we believe that focusing on health and wellbeing can provide Guardians with a sense of importance. Together, in partnership with our guardians we can help protect vacant buildings. This approach enables us to creates a high-quality Guardian service, providing our clients with the certainty their buildings are being guarded in a professional and competent manner.


Global Guardians has demonstrated its commitment to ensuring Guardians feel part of the team by involving them in our success. For example, we currently have a Guardian reward system in place which includes a "Guardian of the Month" and "Living Space of the Month" award. This shows our appreciation to those who go above and beyond their assigned duties to protect the buildings they live in. This year we are also introducing events for Guardians such as the "Big Summer BBQ" and a "Guardian of the Year Award Ceremony". This will allow our Guardians and staff to further integrate and feel even more united. 


This re-brand, alongside our corporate restructure also reflects our recent success and growth. The new management team is as follows:

  • Chief Executive Director, Stuart Woolgar
  • Chairman, Nick Knight
  • Managing Director, Theo Kyprianou (Owner of H&S Building Management)


The management structure oversees the company with the support of a Senior Management Team (SMT) who are responsible for the different departments. New Business

  • Maintenance
  • Guardian Services
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Quality


The restructure has also increased our ability to manage more properties than ever before.


To find out more about our structure and members of the team, click here.


GGM proactively helps its clients with any of their troublesome property portfolio. Utilising our resources and skilled teams, alongside our My-Globe system, we help to make the process for our clients 100% stress free. My-Globe is a bespoke, unique, progressive and highly inclusive systemwhich was developed entirely by GGM. Our system provides transparency between clients, guardians and staff by providing access to all relevant information regarding their properties. Users are also able to view who is living in the property, inspection documents and dates, images and pertinent updates.

Check out our new website: If you have any feedback or questions, don't hesitate to get in contact on: 0203 818 9101.


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