Property Guardians don't just protect a living space, they look after it

Posted on May 14, 2020.

Global Guardians Management provides living spaces to over 1500 Property Guardians around the UK. When these living spaces are taken under our management they are often in poor conditions with damage to walls, ceilings and floors and rubbish or debris that requires clearing.

Before a Property Guardian can occupy one of our managed buildings, we ensure the space is habitable by conducting clearance, repairs, decorating and health and safety checks.

Once the properties are safe to live in, our Property Guardians can occupy the spaces to secure them from vandalism, squatting and other types of anti-social behaviour.

Whilst our Guardians do not have exclusive possession of the space they occupy, they are permitted, in some cases, to make small improvements to their space such a lick of fresh paint and the additions of furniture and other décor.

Our Property Guardians take real pride in the spaces they look after and here are some fantastic examples of this.

This flat is in Clapham. Our Guardian has really made this space comfortable and well maintained through care and a little creativity.


This beautiful 4 bedroom house in Accrington is so well looked after by our Property Guardian Luis.


More photos here of some of our London properties where our Guardians like to maintain the inside and outside of their living space by growing plants.


If living in a disused property that needs some TLC is something that you would be interested in then why not call us today on 0203 818 9100 and select option 1 to begin an application.

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