How does Property Guardianship benefit the Public Sector?

Posted on June 15, 2020.

Public Sector owned properties come in all shapes and sizes. From flats and houses to libraries and care homes, these buildings serve the local community in a variety of ways. Whilst many of these properties stand for years providing a place for local residents to read, receive medical care or rest into their senior years, it is a fact that there comes a time for all buildings to need renovation, repurposing, or redeveloping to make way for new services or homes.


When a building no longer has a tenant, such as a local charity or NHS Trust, it automatically becomes vulnerable and can very quickly decline into being unused and unloved. These empty properties cause stress and financial strain on their owners with escalating fees associated to the building’s security and management. 


Security Guards might be selected to protect this site; however, they are not wholly effective in protecting large sites and can be particularly expensive to employ. This money could be better used by the public sector body to pay for the wages of doctors and nurses, for the development of new homes or for the renovation of the buildings that service the community.


Leaving disused buildings empty and inadequately protected is another possible option; however, these unprotected voids can often cause concern amongst the local residents, especially when the properties attract antisocial behaviour. 


So… What is the solution? We believe the answer is ‘Security by Occupation’.

Global Guardians Management, offer ‘Public Sector property owners’ peace of mind, visibility and control of their assets to reduce their stress and help achieve a better result for the local community. Our security by occupation services, which are derived from BS8584:2015 (The British Standard for Vacant Property Protection) have assisted several London and Royal Borough Councils, NHS Trusts and G15 Housing Associations to reduce their stress, minimise their costs and better serve their local constituents. 


If you represent a Public Sector body and are in the dark when it comes to your void security and management then please give us a call on 0203 818 9100 and select option 3.