Global Guardians CEO Stuart Woolgar featured in Develop Finance Today magazine

Posted on May 29, 2018.

Global Guardians CEO, Stuart Woolgar, was featured in Develop Finance Today magazine to talk about the benefits of using Property Guardians to secure vacant buildings.


Global Guardians undertake the following responsibilities when we manage vacant properties:

  1. 24/7 security
  2. Deter anti-social behaviour
  3. Rates/council tax
  4. Empty business rates
  5. Utility bills
  6. Maintenance responsibilities


“I have received a high-level of service from Global Guardians in relation to the property they manage for me in Brighton. I have another property in the pipeline which I will offer to Global to secure for me. I have been very happy with their professionalism and dedication to the protection of my property.”

Layth Hamza, LAN Estatese

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In the article Woolgar explains that vacant buildings are vulnerable and difficult to find an overall security solution for along with this they are a target for the following:

  • Squatters
  • The homeless
  • Fly-tipping
  • Metal theft
  • Criminal activity
  • Vandalism


There is mention of the very costly traditional methods used to secure a vacant buildings, such as steel boarding, security guards and CCTV, he also speaks about the additional costs that cannot be avoided such as:

  • Empty business rates
  • Council tax
  • Insurance

Woolgar makes clear the common difficulties that occur when a building is left vacant, he explains the struggles of re-filling a building along with the extra costs which can accumulate, this can cause unnecessary pressure and stress for the property owner and distract them from their day to day life.


Global Guardians believe strongly that Property Guardians are the most cost effective and ethical solution to securing vacant properties, the advantages of using Property Guardians include:

  • Removes security costs
  • Massively reduces maintenance responsibilities
  • Removes empty business rates costs
  • Removes council tax costs
  • Helps the local economy
  • Improves the local community's safety


Woolgar makes clear that Property Guardians are not tenants since they sign a licence agreement and pay a monthly licence fee, this means that they do not have tenant rights and do not have exclusive possession of the property along with this, Property Guardians are given a 30 day notice period to leave the building. At Global Guardians we make sure that before all Guardians are placed in their living spaces that they are fully aware of this and are comfortable with the Guardianship Scheme.


Global Guardians are an ethical company, we are a member of the BSIA and Woolgar is heavily involved in creating an industry regulator, read more about the BSI:8485 2015 here. We have a Guardian First ethos where we put heavy emphasis on ensuring our Guardian's wellbeing while securing vacant properties, read our Guardian's testimonials here.


Read the full article "Maximising the potential of your vacant property portfolio" here.


For more information about Global Guardians services , please call 0203 818 9101 alternatively you can request a call back or arrange a meeting with a member of the New Business Team.




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