Congratulations Sam!

Posted on February 22, 2018.

Global Guardians would like to congratulate our guardian Sam on his tremendous success with his Furby Organ!

Sam has generated over 2.2million views on YouTube and has received an abundance of online response, there has been articles written in Vice, Kerrang and Konbini all about Sam and his Furby Organ.

Check out the video here.















Our CEO was such a fan of Sam's invention that he sent it round to everyone in office and it became a hot topic, we decided to get in touch to congratulate him personally, he seemed surprised and his response was more than flattering, Sam said:


" I’ve been a guardian for nearly 6 years now. I moved after being dropped from my first record deal, and needing somewhere more affordably priced to stay as opposed to the ever increasing London rent, As I am still trying to get by on creative ventures, what I do now wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for the guardianship scheme, as I simply wouldn't be able to afford to live. For me it's perfect, as long as you are able to stick to the simple rules, and make sure everything is in order in the property, you get access to adequate amenities and a larger living space than you would living in a tradition rented house share in London."


Take a look below at our short interview to find out more about Sam's Furby Organ, his past projects and future plans.



What sparked your interest to begin the project?



"The interest in Furbies has been ongoing for quite a while, the organ has been on my to do list for the best part of 6 years! but it was my new year's resolution to finally build the thing. After collecting enough Furbies. A rather questionable venture, but I couldn’t resist seeing what it would sound like, and now I've got a great big bloomin' Furby organ to deal with!"



How long did it take you to create the organ?



"All in all it took about 2 weeks to put together, from building the case to making all of the electronics. It was a rather lengthy process and my most ambitious project so far. Collecting enough Furbies mind has been on and off for the past year! they are quite hard to find at a price that isn't ridiculous. So many hours were spent on eBay."


 Did you create/have in mind any other inventions?



"In December I built a flamethrower organ that garnered nearly 5 million views on Facebook. I went Up north to build that mind! as obviously it needed a lot of propane and outdoor space to put together!


For the future I have a fair few projects in the pipeline!"


Congratulations to Sam again on his success and we wish him all the best for the future! kpo


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