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Posted on February 12, 2018.

Global Guardians has signed up for an initial project with Ideal Flatmate to spread the word about the opportunities that property guardianship can offer, especially given the high rents that confront people needing or wanting to live in London. Running hand in hand with this is all about who you share your home with. As we all know, it's one of the most important criteria in having a happy life outside work. You might not be able to choose your workmates, but who you live with is a whole other matter and finding the right ones is so important. Ideal Flatmate is a London-based site that matches up compatible tenants with the aim of helping renters find better flatshares, and to help landlords find more reliable groups of tenants. 

Flatsharing is a way of life for so many today across all generations. Almost half of 21-35 year olds rent privately, and a huge proportion of renters live in flatshares. Ideal Flatmate's founders believe that choosing a flatshare is not just about choosing a property to live in. It's about choosing a group of people to share part of your life with.

Based on this ethos, they developed a matching algorithm that narrows down your flatmate search based on key personality traits. These include things like cleanliness, sociability and social openness. The algorithm was developed based on extensive research carried out into what makes a happy shared living environment. They discovered a wide variance in what different individuals look for in a flatshare and have developed a site to cater to individual needs. 

As Rob Imonikhe, one of Ideal Flatmate's co-founders says "It's such a no-brainer. If you're tidy to the point of OCD, the last person you want to end up living with is Mr or Ms Seriously Messy who leaves dishes in the sink and doesn't clean the bath after them; or the noisy footie fanatic who hogs and shouts at the TV all the time while you want to sit quietly and watch your favourite documentary on BBC2… you get the point. We've all been there…." Ideal Flatmate has grown fast since its inception and now has over 50,000 registered flatmates after just one year in operation. It attracts over 1,000 property listings per month.

Once the Ideal Flatmate users understand what property guardianship is all about, Global Guardians will be advertising select properties on the Ideal Flatmate site as another option for consideration and hopefully the two organisations will find mutual benefits from their co-operation. Global Guardians has always highlighted the social benefits that can come with guardianship and encouraged the sense of community often found in their properties. Since Ideal Flatmate is all about helping individuals find the perfect people to set up home with, this seems to be the perfect match!

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